White shoes

What To Wear With White Shoes

White shoes

Have you ever wondered what would go with those new white shoes you just purchased? We all know the tradition to not wear white shoes after Labor Day, so wearing white shoes is often avoided because people just don’t know what coordinates with that color. Whenever you want to sport your unique style, opt to wear a pair of shoes in a color that is not worn often, like white. You can start your outfit with the shoes and then work your way up to create a fashion-forward ensemble exclusive to your own style.

One easy way to pair white shoes with an outfit is to make sure there is white in your clothing. So, if you are wearing a black and white striped blouse with a black pencil skirt, you can coordinate a nice pair of white flats with your outfit without looking too “matched.” Another rule you may follow is to wear a white belt with white shoes. Mix darker colors with the white to accentuate the light colors in your belt and shoes. Your shoes and belt should always match unless you really want to commit a fashion “crime.”

If you are a female and feeling flirty, how about wearing a pair of dark tights, breezy skirt and a cute off-the-shoulder top with white party shoes. The dark in your clothing will make the white shoes stand out for an easy retro look.  If you are a male and really want to get some attention and receive comments on your fashion sense, then choose a nice pair of white dress shoes to wear with a suit. Instead of the traditional black suit with black shoes, try wearing white shoes with that black suit. Remember, you must match your shoes and belt.

Keep in mind that white shoes are often considered a “No No” after the summer season. During the summertime, light and bright colors are worn to match the spirit of the season. When the cooler months come around, we tend to bring out the darker colors in our clothing. Some white shoes have small details on them that can help you coordinate your shoes with your outfit.  Many heeled shoes have a heel made out of a dark material while the rest of the shoe is white. This helps to not draw so much attention to the shoe.

Also, tiny embellishments and decals on the shoe can allow you to choose what color will go well with the shoes. So, if there is a red bow on the white shoe, find a nice red patterned dress to match. Consider colors that are neutral and toned-down, like grays and tans. A cute pair of white shoes can really set off a stylish look when paired with colors that don’t stand out so much. When matching a purse with an outfit with white shoes, try to avoid matching the purse and shoes exactly. You can look like you really tried too hard to put the outfit together and that will never win you a fashion award. Instead, choose a purse in a color that is light enough to complement the white shoes so the outfit looks great as a whole.

When you choose to step out of the traditional fashion rules of society, you can either make a big fashion mistake, or you can wow everyone with your great fashion sense. So next time you buy white shoes, think about the many different ways you can coordinate them with the top fashions of today without looking like you even had to try!

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