Will Long T-Shirts Make You Look Shorter?

When putting together an outfit, questions are common. This is especially true if you are trying a look for the first time. T- shirt lengths and what looks best is often questioned. Many people like long T-shirts because they feel that they cover a multitude of sins. Others prefer short T-shirts, because they feel like longer ones get in the way, restrict movement or look sloppy. It is important to know which looks better for you and what type of appearance a longer T-shirt will produce.

For those concerned with giving the appearance of height, a common question is will a long T-shirt make you look shorter? The answer is it depends on a number of factors. If you are wearing a long T-shirt as a dress or even with tight, dark leggings, a long T-shirt will not make you look shorter. Wearing long T-shirts as nightshirts or bathing suit cover-ups are also a great idea and will not alter the impression of height. However there are certain clothing combinations with long T-shirts that will make you look shorter.

If you choose to wear a long T-shirt with a contrasting bottom color, you run the risk of looking shorter and even over-emphasizing the things you are trying to hide with the T-shirt, like those few extra pounds. If you prefer to wear long t-shirts, try to match them in color to the pants you intend to wear them with to provide a more seamless, sleek look that will make you appear taller rather than shorter. If you absolutely must wear a contrasting bottom under your T-shirt, make sure it is fitted and dark in color, like leggings or a straight pencil-line shirt. It may help to project the image of the tee as a dress and make it appear less more flattering. It also pulls the look together better and is neater.

Another tip with long T-shirts is to ensure that your T-shirt is just long, not over-sized. Wearing over-sized T-shirts tends to look sloppy and emphasizes the fact that you are trying to cover up body flaws. Make sure the T-shirt fits your upper body well so that you do not appear lost in it. Do not tuck it in, as this defeats the purpose of the shirt and creates unnecessary bulk.

In general long T-shirts tend to work best on taller people. In fact if you are looking to cut the appearance of height, wearing a long T-shirt in a contrasting color to your pants or skirt will do so nicely. The illusion of height will be severed by the interruption in the line of the body. The longer T-shirt will also make your legs appear shorter than they actually are.

If you are ready to get some long T-shirts to put to work to your advantage, the best option is to order custom-made ones. You can choose the colors you want and have them printed with anything you want on them. You can have a tee that looks trendy, shows support for something you believe in and much more. Better still, that carefully chosen T-shirt will fit perfectly into your wardrobe and be ideal for correcting those body flaws we all have.

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