Organic Cotton

1,000 New Farms Start Growing Organic Cotton to Meet T-Shirt Demand

Organic Cotton

Wal-Mart purchased 12 million pounds of transitional cotton from 1,000 farmers at the premium organic price to encourage farmers to grow organically and therefore boost the supply. Cotton is transitional when farmers have stopped using traditional techniques and have started organic agricultural methods but have not waited the three years to get formally certified as organic cotton.

With 4,100 stores Wal-Mart needed to encourage growth of the market to supply their stores. The transitional cotton shirts will be marketed under their Faded Glory brand. Buying in such a large bulk allows Wal-Mart to sell the transitional cotton t-shirts between $3.50 and $6.00 which is far less than other t-shirt companies are able to sell. Wal-mart is also selling Coca-Cola t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles. Via PSFK & Reuters

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