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What Are The Symptoms Of Being Allergic To Cotton?

A cotton allergy is a very difficult affliction for anyone, and especially for those who enjoy T-shirts. Almost all T-shirts, as well as many other clothing items, are made of cotton and an allergy to it will greatly limit a person’s choice in clothes.

Because cotton typically produces a skin reaction, some of the most common symptoms of being allergic to cotton include:
–    itching
–    rashes
–    hives
It may also cause nasal congestion, a runny nose or itchy, watery eyes.

As with all allergies, a cotton allergy can come in a variety of different strengths of reactions. It could be just mildly irritating or causing occasional reactions or it may be very strong reactions that cause great discomfort and stress. Whatever the case, it is important to pinpoint the trigger and have ways to deal with it.

Many variables should also be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to risk it and wear a fabric you are allergic to. If you have other allergies, especially seasonal or environmental ones, you will want to limit exposure to other allergens if you plan to wear cotton. A shirt that might cause a strong reaction during allergy season might be perfectly fine to wear when your other allergies are not active.

If you suspect that you might be allergic to cotton, one of the first things you should do is be skeptical of the notion. Synthetic materials are much more likely to cause allergies than a natural product like cotton. However, there are of course many natural things that cause allergic reactions too. However, you should take comfort in the fact that it is more likely that you are allergic to something on the cotton than the cotton itself.

Many chemicals used in laundry products can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, you should switch to a mild type of laundry detergent, which is formulated to be sensitive enough for allergy sufferers. Airdry your items using no fabric softener. Using clothes laundered this way for a while will allow you to determine if it may indeed be your cleaning products instead of the cotton itself, which is responsible for your allergic reaction.

Another option you may want to consider is that there is something used in the production of cotton clothing and while the cotton is being grown, like pesticides, that is triggering the allergic reaction for you. To decide if that may be the case for you, the best way to check is to opt for organic cotton clothes for a while to see if your symptoms disappear. You can easily get a great selection of organic T-shirts by ordering custom-made ones.

Are People Allergic To Cotton And Cotton T-Shirts?

Allergies are becoming more and more prevalent in our world today. People suffer not just from seasonal allergies and allergies to things like dust, mold and pet dander, but from a variety of other allergies too. More and more people are being diagnosed with allergies to seafood, nuts, chemicals, textiles, plants, fruit, food additives, dyes and much, much more. There have even been cases where people are found to be allergic to cotton, including the much-loved and popular cotton T-shirt.

Surprisingly, you can definitely be allergic to all-natural things, like cotton, as many typical allergies prove. There is nothing more natural than shellfish, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, corn, oak trees, grass and many other things that people are allergic to. However, in terms of textiles, it is more commonly the synthetic ones that tend to create allergies in people. More often than not, using cotton as a replacement for these textiles is the recommended treatment, such as using 100% cotton pillowcases, towels, sheets, socks and T-shirts. In situations where there may be air born particles that may be allergenic, it is often recommended to cover your mouth with a cloth made of 100% cotton. So what happens to those people who are actually allergic to cotton?

If you think you are allergic to cotton, you may want to consider if it is actually cotton or something the cotton has been in contact with at some point. Take a cotton T-shirt for example. It is washed and dried using detergent and some form of fabric softener usually. You may be allergic to one of those or an ingredient in them. Wash and dry your T-shirt using nothing and try wearing it again to see what happens. You could also be allergic to the dye in the shirt or some other chemical it was exposed to during processing or even something applied to the cotton during growing. To find out if this is the case, invest in an organic cotton T-shirt and see how you react to it. In many cases, you will find that by going organic you will have eliminated the irritant that is causing your allergies. If you happen to be of the unlucky few who are actually allergic to pure, organic cotton, you will have a very limited selection of clothing to choose from.

For people with allergies to additives found on everyday cotton, finding T-shirts and other clothes is difficult. However, by choosing to invest in custom-made organic T-shirts from an online retailer, you will make your T-shirt buying a snap. You can get a wide variety of organic cotton T-shirts customized exactly how you want them. You can replace favorite T-shirts that you can no longer wear with organic ones that look just like them. You can have T-shirts made to boast of someone or something you are proud of. T-shirts can be made with information you want to share or just fun designs on them. You can also tell of your favorite causes, places you’ve visited, accomplishments, passions and much more.

Get your custom-made organic T-shirt today and leave all your allergies behind.