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Maternity Shirts for Men

men maternity shirt

Fatherhood is in. More and more men are embracing the experience of pregnancy as a shared adventure for a couple. Gone are the days of men being bashed to obscurity while the mother to be is celebrated with parties in her honor and gifts that reflect only her tastes. No, now couple’s baby showers are being thrown and diaper bags, strollers, and baby gear are being designed with men in mind. Why should moms have all the fun and get all the new stuff?

The mother to be always knows or suspects the pregnancy first. Then there is the dilemma of how to break the great news about the new baby to the daddy. There is any number of creative ways. Why not give that special man in your life a shirt proclaiming “Good daddies are hot”?

For most men, they can’t have too many t-shirts. T-shirts proclaiming your feeling about pregnancy and resulting baby are one of the hottest trends. This is not only true for moms to be but dads to be also. Dads can be seen wearing shirts stating they are on a mission to fulfill their significant other’s craving of the hour or that all should be kind to them as the princess in their life is pregnant.

Is your brother’s wife or girlfriend pregnant? While you are shopping for the new baby (being a good aunt is cool too), get a shirt for your brother to tell him how you think he will be a wonderful father. Pair the shirt with a book about baby care or fatherhood.

Often dads complain about diaper bags and how many items moms think are necessary and stuff into the bag for just one trip to the grocery store or visit to the grandparents. Get a black messenger bag or backpack and fill it with baby necessities, then add a cool vintage style t-shirt. Have the t-shirt made with design of your own. This would be a great gift for the new dad at the baby shower.

Fathers are going need even more t-shirts after the baby is born, especially since babies can be messy. For a fun gift for the new father, take packages of diapers and wipes and a t-shirt proclaiming how real men change diapers when you visit the mom and baby in the hospital. Get one as a hint for your husband as the due date approaches for your baby and his role in your life is about to change forever.

The best place to find these creative t-shirts is with online retailers. Celebrity magazines and blogs are great places to look for style and design ideas. Styles range from the plain white t-shirts to vintage look. Long sleeved tees are also a popular choice.

T-shirts are great gifts especially with their easy care requirements. They are totally wash and wear. This is a big plus with any household with a new baby and all the items babies add to the laundry. Dad can just throw his own t-shirts in the washing machine with no help from a very tired new mom.

Help the dads in your life embrace their new role in life and show how proud they are with a new t-shirt.