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Makeup Be Gone! Tips on Removing Makeup Stains from Your Favorite T-Shirt

Let’s face it – we’ve all had this happen to us at some point or another. You’re getting ready for a big night out with a new date, or a fun day of shopping with your best girlfriend, when suddenly – whoops! Your makeup has gone from on your face to all over your most treasured t-shirt. As if that isn’t bad enough, you only have five minutes remaining until your friend or date shows up. If this has happened to you, don’t panic! There are simple and inexpensive tricks to use that can easily remove any makeup stain from your t-shirt – and many of the items you may already have stashed in your fridge or beauty cabinet. So before you decide to change your t-shirt, try a few of these shortcuts and watch how quickly those stubborn makeup stains will disappear!

Grab a makeup sponge or a slice of bread.
No, you’re not going to be making a sandwich. Makeup sponges and bread (white works best) are some of the most effective materials for erasing stubborn makeup stains, as they act as natural absorbers that soak up oil and powder. Gently rub the sponge or slice of bread on the makeup stain for maximum effect. Makeup sponges are also highly effective against dreaded deodorant stains, so make sure to always keep a stash in your purse!

Raid your kitchen cupboard.

Is that stain still refusing to give up without a fight? Head to your kitchen cupboard and grab a bottle of white vinegar and a light-colored washcloth. Pour just a bit of vinegar onto the cloth and gently dab at the stain until it completely disappears. Remember, vinegar should not be used on cotton material, so be sure to check your t-shirt’s label before using this method!

Get out the shaving cream.
Sounds peculiar, but shaving cream (not gel) is one of the most effective stain-fighters out there. Apply a bit of cream to a light-colored cloth (remember to never use dark colors, as this can bleed into your t-shirt’s fabric) and dab at the stain. Once you’ve completely covered the stain with shaving cream, rinse it out with a bit of club soda. Club soda acts as a great stain remover, but if you don’t have any on hand, water is fine as well. Be sure not to dry out your t-shirt until the stain is completely removed, as this can cause the stain to set in.

When all else fails…
If these neat little home tricks haven’t worked, grab a stain-remover pen (you can find them at your nearest pharmacy or grocery store) and dab the tip onto the stain. Be sure to follow all directions for maximum stain-fighting power.

As you can see, makeup stains don’t necessarily spell doom for your favorite t-shirt, especially with all the home remedies and stain-fighting products that are available today. All it takes is a little creativity – and a bit of patience! – and that stubborn makeup stain will disappear in no time at all!