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What Maternity Clothes To Wear

Cute Cheap Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes can get expensive

Shopping for maternity clothes often gets to be an expensive endeavor. We all want to look our best and show off the baby bump with style, but for many of us, buying an entirely new wardrobe is not an option. Also when you’re pregnant, being comfortable is a high priority. Enter the humble t-shirt, a versatile, stylish, comfortable and often unique item of clothing.

T-shirts are great way to add variety.

Start your maternity wardrobe with some basic pieces in neutral colors. The foundation pieces will depend upon your needs, but most of us need both casual and more professional items. Once you have these items, you can mix and match t-shirts to add variety and color. Solid colored t-shirts can be worn with dress pants or a skirt and jacket for work. By adding accessories, like a bold necklace, you can look confident and stylish. T-shirts and jeans are the classic combination and already in your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Don’t give up your weekend and after work favorites just because you have a new baby body. A myriad of fun casual t-shirts are available for the mom-to-be. These t-shirts have slogans like “Who’s your daddy?” ,“Does this baby make me look fat?”, and “I need a back rub.” Pair a sassy t-shirt with a great pair of jeans and go indulge the craving of the hour.

T-shirts are cheap and comfortable

Maternity t-shirts are an affordable way to expand your maternity wardrobe. When you just can’t face those maternity jeans one more day, a new t-shirt can work wonders. Since t-shirts are often mostly cotton or some blend, they are comfortable and they stretch. This is a distinct advantage, especially in the later part of pregnancy when your movements are already restricted by your baby. Most, if not all, retailers that sell maternity clothing  have a great selection of shirts. Buying t-shirts in both long and short sleeve is good idea, especially if you are pregnant during the fall and winter. Since often you feel hotter (body temperature, really!), layering is always a great option. This also allows you to get more bang for your buck. Since you can still wear all your jewelry, be sure to add some so you not only feel but look hot.

T-shirts are unique

Buying maternity t-shirts. There are tons of t-shirts with slogans made up by other moms. For a truly unique shirt, make up your own slogan and have it made just for you. After the baby, your t-shirt can be a memento of your pregnancy. There are many online retailers that sell maternity t-shirts. Some have designer prices, but many are quite affordable. Check out the celebrity blogs to see what the Hollywood mothers to be are wearing, then find a retailer with similar t-shirts.

T-shirts are easy to care for

One of the greatest advantages of t-shirts is their easy care requirements. Since most t-shirts are a cotton blend or pre-shrunk cotton, they are simply wash and wear. No dry cleaning, hand washing, or ironing required. This is great news for the pregnant mom.  Think of the all the time you will have for napping or eating ice cream. Plus there will be plenty of laundry soon with a new baby.