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Rock climbing

What to Wear Rock Climbing

Rock climbing

Rock climbing can be a great way to get your adrenalin pumping and will certainly give you some thrills you won’t soon forget. While it is very important that you learn about all the gear you will need and how it all functions, it is equally as important to know what to wear when you go rock climbing.

When you dress for a day of rock climbing you have to consider what kind of climb it is and what the weather is going to be like for the day before you can accurately get dressed for it. Here are some tips to help you figure out what to wear on your next rock climbing adventure:

•    Base layer: If you are doing a climb in a cooler part of the year you will want to go with a base layer that is close to your skin to help keep you insulated and thus warm. A good undershirt and a pair of boxer briefs are usually a good choice when dressing for the cooler climbs.
•    Shirts: It is essential that you choose shirts that will let you keep your elbows, wrists, and shoulders free so that they can do all the essential climbing work that will be required of them. If the weather is colder than you will want to go with a longer sleeved shirt as this will help keep you warm but you must be sure that the shirt doesn’t hinder your shoulder movement whatsoever. You can gain further warmth by wearing a vest over top of the shirt as it will help to warm you while leaving all the vital parts of the arm free and clear. On a warmer climb you can opt for a t-shirt.
•    Pants: This is a personal preference and is again usually dictated by the weather. Most rock climbers like to wear shorts that stretch and are durable when doing a shorter climb in warm weather. For a colder climb you may want to go with stretchy pants that are both lightweight and water resistant. Never wear jeans as they will not only hinder your movements but will also absorb any moisture and have you feeling soggy and uncomfortable.
•    Jackets: In extremely cold climate climbs you may need a jacket. Again you will want to go with the most lightweight you can find and be sure that your movements are not hindered. You should always have a wind breaker or lightweight insulated jacket with you as you never know when a warm weather site will turn cold as the sun starts to go down.
•    Shoes: When preparing for your rock climbing adventure you will first need to get a pair of shoes that are designed specifically for rock climbing. These shoes should fit tightly and allow for a lot of movement so that you will be able to get your feet into tight spots if need be.
•    Helmet: While this is not actually a piece of clothing it is essential gear for anyone who wants to be a rock climber. When it comes to your head and what’s inside it you should never take a chance.

Clothing can be just as important as any gear that you will bring with you on the rock climb and if you plan properly you will be able to conquer the rock with greater ease and much greater comfort.