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What to Wear Skydiving


There is little that can compare to the rush you feel when you are free falling down to earth just before you open up your parachute and float blissfully down. Skydiving is a thrill that is certainly tough to match and to enjoy it properly you must wear the right apparel.

It is important to note that skydiving is not a fashion contest and anything that is worn should be in the line of function over fashion. Here is what you should wear when you get ready to go skydiving:

•    Pants: Depending on the time of year it is will depend on the type of pants you will wear. If it is warm out it is certainly acceptable to wear shorts and if it is cool out then a nice pair of jeans does the trick.
•    Shirts: The same weather rule applies with shirts. If it is hot out then you can go with a short sleeved shirt or tank top. Just be sure that the shirt is not collared. If it is cold out then wear a long sleeved shirt and again be sure there is no collar on it.
•    Jumpsuit: If you are a pro then you will have your own jumpsuit but if you are like most novices that don’t have one you can obtain one from the jump center that you will go through when going on your skydiving adventure. These jumpsuits will fit over any clothing that you have on which is why you can pretty much wear what you want underneath.
•    Shoes: Any pair of sneakers will do for skydiving so long as they lace up. A pair of high tops will give a bit more support on landing but for the most part any old pair will do.
•    Gloves and goggles: Again, you pros will have your own but for the rest of you the jump center will provide these as well. Usually you only need to wear gloves if it is on the chilly side.
•    Helmet: Again pros have them everyone else will get them from the jump center. If you have long hair it is best to put it up especially if you are doing a tandem jump where there is someone right behind you.

Along with knowing what to wear you should also know what not to wear:

•    Dresses: Girls should leave the dresses at home. Wearing one will not be very comfortable when you put the jumpsuit on.
•    Jewelry: This is for guys and girls. Leave all you jewelry at home as you don’t want anything to get caught up while you are in a free fall.
•    Shoes: As stated above you need lace up sneakers. No slip on shoes, flip-flops, or heels.

Again, skydiving is a great rush and you will get maximum enjoyment out of it when you wear the proper clothing. Remember that when you dress for your skydiving adventure you will want to go with functionality instead of style. No one will see what you are wearing under the jumpsuit anyway.