Tips for Men Buying Lingerie for their Partner


For a guy there is nothing sexier than seeing the woman he loves wearing some hot lingerie. Bringing home some lingerie for your girlfriend or wife can be a great way to show her you care and that you are willing to spice things up just a bit, but it can also lead to you getting kicked in the privates if you do not go about it in just the right way.

Following these tips will help you make a better decision when buying lingerie for your partner:

•    Make sure she likes lingerie: Before you even go to the mall to look, make sure your partner is into lingerie. If you bring home some sexy lingerie and your wife or girlfriend is not into it, you risk hearing, ‘What, you don’t like me the way I am?’ Not worth it. Drop a subtle hint or two if you have to, but find out for sure if she likes the stuff and remember just because you do, doesn’t mean she will.
•    Never guess on the size: Whatever you do, never guess on the size. Find out what size she is before you go as this will certainly help you to divert an absolute disaster. If you bring home a size that is too big for your partner you will not be having the fun you envisioned but you will be convincing her to not leave you and trying to get her to stop crying. If you have to guess a size, go smaller. You may get it wrong, but she will probably be flattered that you think of her so tiny. This of course could backfire too and have you hearing that same phrase from earlier, so do yourself a favor and find out what size she is beforehand.
•    Watch what you say: When you go into a lingerie store, the best place to get ideas is from the women who work at the store. While this is fine and dandy, don’t go home and say, ‘Yeah, this looked great on the sales girl, or the sales girl said you would like this.’ Lingerie is an intimate gift and even if you are not a mushy guy, don’t announce that to your partner.
•    Keep your receipt: Make sure you keep your receipt so if your partner doesn’t like what you picked, she can take it back and get what she wants.
•    Don’t go overboard: Unless your wife or girlfriend tell you otherwise, go conservative on what you pick. Going too risqué at first can be a big mistake. Start out with something nice and sexy, but stay on the more conservative side. As the time goes on you can attempt to get sexier outfits, but it’s not recommended right out of the gates.
•    Pick colors she likes: You may love that candy apple red teddy you saw, but if your partner hates red, don’t bother. The idea is to get her to wear what you buy so go with colors you know she likes.

Basically when you buy lingerie for your partner, just use common sense and remember that women sometime have very delicate feelings. Approaching the subject of lingerie with the utmost of caution will increase your chances of her wearing it the first time and many times after that.

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