5 Ways to Remove Wrinkles From Your T-Shirt Without Ironing

If you are anything like me and hate ironing you will love these tips on getting the wrinkles out of your t-shirt.

1. Make your own wrinkle release spray. This mixture is easy to bring along on a trip where you don’t have access to an iron. Just mix together 1 tsp of liquid fabric softener and 1 cup of water (preferably distilled water) and put it in a spray bottle. Spray your wrinkled t-shirt and pull the item to smooth it. Let your t-shirt dry my either hanging it or laying it flag. If you don’t have much time you can blow dry your clothing dry (if you have access to a hair dryer). Remember if you are traveling don’t pack more than 3 ounces or you might not be able to bring it on the airplane due to current security laws.

2. Put your T-shirt in the Dryer. If you want a quick an easy way to get the wrinkles out of your t-shirt just throw your shirt and a damp towel in the dryer for about 10-15 minutes and when its done your shirt will not only lose its wrinkles but it will be nice and warm and toasty on your body.

3. Shower De-Wrinking. You can also hang your t-shirt in the bathroom when you are taking a shower. The steam and humidity will help remove the wrinkles. Once again you can also use the hair dryer to smooth out any additional wrinkles.

4. 70% Rubbing Alcohol. You can put rubbing alcohol on your t-shirt using the same method as the wrinkle release spray and it can remove the wrinkles.

5. Water and a Hair Dryer. You can wet the wrinkled areas of your t-shirt or even the entire thing and dry it fairly fast using a hair dryer.

These five methods are best when your t-shirt is a cotton blend such as a 50-50 cotton/polyester blend. Try these methods before getting out the dreaded iron.

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