Event T-Shirts Are a Must!

Ever go to a concert and realize that all the roadies are wearing matching t-shirts? They do this for a couple of reasons. One, so they are easily identifiable to security as people who are allowed backstage. Another reason for them to wear matching outfits is so that members of the band or performance troupe can easily find them if they need help. Yet another reason is to foster a feeling of unity and of being on a team; everyone is there, working together, to make sure the concert comes off without a hitch.

What about a charity walk or marathon run? Event coordinators will almost always be found wearing matching tees. Some of the same reasons apply for the coordinators and volunteers to wear the same t-shirts. They allow security (if present) easily see who should be where, and who can go behind the yellow tape. Matching tees also make it easy for participants in the event to find officials if they need assistance of any kind. Sometimes, event coordinators will have the volunteers’ specific duties printed on the backs of the shirts, like “Volunteer”, “Refreshments”, “Security” and so on.

Even events such as a family or class reunion can offer matching t-shirts relating to the occasion. For the family reunion, the front of the tee can include the family name, crest (if one is known), and the date and location of the reunion. The backs of the tees can sport everyone’s names, or simply their role in the family. Examples are “Dad”, “Grandpa”, “cousin” or “brother”, to name a few. Folks who attend a class reunion may also enjoy a t-shirt commemorating the event. The school mascot, name, slogan, or school song can be put on the tee; the backs could have something about each person’s experience. “Homecoming Queen”, “Most Likely to Succeed”, “Lives Farthest Away”, or “Most Kids” are all examples of what can be put on the back of these shirts.

A commemorative t-shirt is another situation where matching tees can be found. Whether it’s a motorcycle ride or a trip to the fair, you can usually find tees designed for the event in question. These t-shirts will help you remember the fun you had participating in the occasion, and can also be a way to meet up with other people who may have also attended the event.

Even a bachelor/bachelorette party or wedding rehearsal can have matching tees. Printed in the wedding colors, they might have the happy couple’s names, date and time of the wedding, or even the location. The backs of the t-shirts can have “Bride”, “Groom”, “Mother of the Bride”, “Best Man” etc… on them. Tees can also be bought that have a tuxedo or gown design printed on the front. The possibilities are almost endless, and the novelty of a wedding t-shirt will be something everyone can enjoy. Plus, the tee will be something that everyone can keep to remember the event.

So, no matter the occasion, designing and wearing matching t-shirts are a great way to not only remember the event, but can also foster a feeling of being part of a team, family, or social group.

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