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Couples Matching T-Shirts Are A Fun And Practical

Couples matching T-shirts are hot. They are everywhere. Proud couples who want to show off their love for one another are wearing couples matching T-shirts for lots of occasions. Such T-shirts are great for a night out, for an outing where there are lots of people or practically anytime you are together. They can even be worn when you are planning to be apart. Knowing that your special someone is wearing their matching shirt will make you feel closer to each other all day long.

There are so many great reasons that couples wear matching T-shirts. Some people love to do everything together, even dress alike. Others love to let everyone around them know who they are with. For others, matching T-shirts are to make sure others know that your significant other is spoken for. For some couples, it is a symbol of their love, togetherness or their dedication to each other.

Surprisingly enough, many couples find that they tend to dress in similar color combinations unconsciously. You may meet over the breakfast table to find that you are both wearing a red T-shirt and jeans or a pair of khaki shorts and a white T-shirt. It happens naturally the closer you become. Therefore it is only normal that the next step in the process is to go out and get a set of couples matching T-shirts.

Matching T-shirts actually have some practical purposes. If you are in a busy place with lots of people, it will be easier to find the other person if you get separated. In fact, other people will even be able to help whether they know you or not. It is easy and natural for someone to say “A guy wearing the same T-shirt as you is looking for you. I saw him over there.” If you are working together on a project, you can direct people to go see the other person who is wearing the same T-shirt. If you both feel strongly about a cause your matching T-shirts can speak doubly loudly about your beliefs.

If you are looking for couples matching T-shirts, the best place to go is to a company that makes custom-made shirts. It will be the easiest, most efficient and absolute best way to get them. You can choose the color and style you want. You can get T-shirts made by the same manufacturer, in the same weight and quality, but in male and female styles and then have them printed to make them unique. That is the beauty of custom-made T-shirts: you can do whatever you want with them.

Some fun ideas to have printed on couples matching T-shirts are:
–    I love him. I love her.
–    I heart couples matching T-shirts
–    Name loves Name
–    I’m with him/her
–    Couples that dress alike rock
–    Have you seen my better half?
–    Mr. and Mrs.
–    Addicted to love
–    Property of him/ Property of her

Get your couples matching T-shirts today and be proud to show off who you are with!

What Pants Match My Purple T-Shirt

Few things are more eye-catching that the color purple. A purple t-shirt is a great color to wear with a lot of different types of pants, depending on the shade of purple of the t-shirt. Different shades have very different effects on the eye and different shades have different pants that will look best when paired with them.

A t-shirt that is any shade of purple will match a pair of jeans. Jeans are extremely versatile articles of clothing, just like t-shirts. The two of them together always go perfectly, no matter what the shade. They can be worn together with the shirt tucked in, un-tucked or with a sweater or jacket worn over the shirt.

If the purple shade of a t-shirt is a deep color without red undertones, it may fit well with a pair of black pants. Put the two together to determine whether your exact shade will look good with these pants. If they don’t work well together, the shade may have too much magenta in it.

If your purple t-shirt has red or magenta undertones, you can try pairing it with a pair of tan pants. Tan pants can be dressy or causal and can be worn to a wide variety of occasions. A purple t-shirt worn with tan or light khaki pants will give the outfit an interesting look that isn’t likely to be worn by anyone else in the room.

If the purple of the shirt is a very light purple, such as a light lavender pastel, the shirt may work well with a pair of white pants. The light purple and the white will be a good match for each other for an outfit that is light-colored all over.

It may be possible for you to find a pair of pants that is the same shade of purple as your t-shirt if you look long enough. You will likely have to take the t-shirt with you and do this in person, however. There are so many shades of purple that a near match may actually look worse than pairing the t-shirt with pants of a completely different color.

If you don’t want to pair your t-shirt with a pair of jeans, tan pants or black or white pants, there may be another option. Take a close look at the color of the t-shirt. You should be able to tell what the undertones of the hue are. If you are unsure, hold something red next to the t-shirt, then something blue and something yellow. Whichever of these colors looks like it goes well with the t-shirt is the color of the undertones.

You may be able to find a shade of pants in that color to wear with your purple t-shirt. It may not be as conventional as pairing it with a less-noticeable pair of pants, but it will give you another option when choosing an outfit to build around your purple t-shirt. It may also mark you as an interesting, creative dresser with a unique style.

Event T-Shirts Are a Must!

Ever go to a concert and realize that all the roadies are wearing matching t-shirts? They do this for a couple of reasons. One, so they are easily identifiable to security as people who are allowed backstage. Another reason for them to wear matching outfits is so that members of the band or performance troupe can easily find them if they need help. Yet another reason is to foster a feeling of unity and of being on a team; everyone is there, working together, to make sure the concert comes off without a hitch.

What about a charity walk or marathon run? Event coordinators will almost always be found wearing matching tees. Some of the same reasons apply for the coordinators and volunteers to wear the same t-shirts. They allow security (if present) easily see who should be where, and who can go behind the yellow tape. Matching tees also make it easy for participants in the event to find officials if they need assistance of any kind. Sometimes, event coordinators will have the volunteers’ specific duties printed on the backs of the shirts, like “Volunteer”, “Refreshments”, “Security” and so on.

Even events such as a family or class reunion can offer matching t-shirts relating to the occasion. For the family reunion, the front of the tee can include the family name, crest (if one is known), and the date and location of the reunion. The backs of the tees can sport everyone’s names, or simply their role in the family. Examples are “Dad”, “Grandpa”, “cousin” or “brother”, to name a few. Folks who attend a class reunion may also enjoy a t-shirt commemorating the event. The school mascot, name, slogan, or school song can be put on the tee; the backs could have something about each person’s experience. “Homecoming Queen”, “Most Likely to Succeed”, “Lives Farthest Away”, or “Most Kids” are all examples of what can be put on the back of these shirts.

A commemorative t-shirt is another situation where matching tees can be found. Whether it’s a motorcycle ride or a trip to the fair, you can usually find tees designed for the event in question. These t-shirts will help you remember the fun you had participating in the occasion, and can also be a way to meet up with other people who may have also attended the event.

Even a bachelor/bachelorette party or wedding rehearsal can have matching tees. Printed in the wedding colors, they might have the happy couple’s names, date and time of the wedding, or even the location. The backs of the t-shirts can have “Bride”, “Groom”, “Mother of the Bride”, “Best Man” etc… on them. Tees can also be bought that have a tuxedo or gown design printed on the front. The possibilities are almost endless, and the novelty of a wedding t-shirt will be something everyone can enjoy. Plus, the tee will be something that everyone can keep to remember the event.

So, no matter the occasion, designing and wearing matching t-shirts are a great way to not only remember the event, but can also foster a feeling of being part of a team, family, or social group.

Don’t Lose the Kids! T-Shirts Show Family Unity

Going to any public place with your children, especially little children, can be nerve wrecking. It is difficult to keep an eye on them, especially if there is more than one under a certain age. It is a parent’s worst nightmare to lose a child. Even when they go out of your sight for a moment, your hearts go in your throat and adrenaline starts to pump and you are filled with that horrible feeling of dread. It drains out of you quickly the moment you see your little ones, leaving you feeling relieved, angry and scared for what could have happened.

This type of situation can happen every day, when you go to the grocery store or the library or the post office. In most of these places however, it is not so busy that it is difficult to find your children if you lose sight of them for a second. These are also not ideal places for child abductions because usually if such places are regular places you go with your children, the people who work there and frequent the place will recognize that a child is not with his or her parent. However, when you do special outings as a family to crowded, busy places, the risk of losing your child goes up dramatically. Not only is it easy for a child to get lost in crowds, it is also prime picking for child abductors. Such risky places include zoos, aquariums, theme parks, festivals, fairs and special events like Fourth of July celebrations.

There are so many different ways to try and prevent these types of situations. You can put a leash on your child. You can give them a good talking-to before going to the zoo, aquarium or theme park about the dangers of strangers and the dangers of leaving their parents’ side. You can force them to always hold your hand. However these things do not always work, and you end up running around, yelling and screaming the names of your kids and for them to come back here right now. As you do so, that horrible feeling of dread grabs you once again.

A great trick to try, that just may make special outings easier, is a set of Don’t Lose the Kids! T-shirts. You can have a custom-made matching set of T-shirts made for the entire family. This way it is obvious who belongs to whom, and you don’t have to wonder what color each child is wearing when you are visually tracking him or her. Use you imagination in customizing them. Remember you won’t be the only family with the same idea. You don’t want to get to a park and see that every family there has red T-shirts with black lettering. Get the kids involved to choose the color and find a design, pattern or something unique to help your set of T-shirts stand out in the crowds.

Make sure you don’t lose the kids whenever you are out and about by getting a great set of custom-made T-shirts for the whole family.

Matching T-Shirt Ideas

Matching t-shirts aren’t just for the Doublemint Twins. They’re popping up more and more on the backs of families, friends, teammates, and lovers. Why? Dressing alike promotes unity among the wearers, and T-shirts are affordable and customizable. Here are just a few groups drawn to matching T-shirts:

Outfitting each family member with a matching T-shirt promotes unity. (That is, if everyone wears them willingly). If the Smith family shows up at a reunion, holiday event, amusement park or vacation spot in matching T-shirts that say “Team Smith,” they’re in effect saying “this is a family that works together and has fun together.”

Dressing alike for family portraits is one thing, but finding a T-shirt that suits a family full of different-sized people with different personalities isn’t easy. One way to get everyone on board is to make them a part of the process. Get everyone’s input on color, fabric, slogan, and logo before you buy. Also, take into account that women might prefer a different cut than the guys. The shirts won’t be exactly the same, but you can still have a unified theme.

Sure, athletes dress alike on the field, but the hours spent forging a team spirit sometimes trickles off the field as well. You’ll often find teammates from a variety of sports wearing matching T-shirts in the off-season. Sometimes they do it to commemorate a particularly memorable past season, to celebrate school spirit, or to promote the fact they all went to sports camp that summer.

Often these shirts reflect school colors and are emblazoned with inside jokes that only those “who have been there” would understand. The backs of these shirts often feature the players’ nicknames, which are often equally obscure in meaning.

Groups of friends:
Others order T-shirts to remember a shared event. Pat S. And his friends braved a trip to Key West during a serious storm warning for that area. So they commissioned a dozen shirts emblazoned with “Hunkered Down and Liquored up in Key West!” and wore them en masse to the clubs that night.

Other groups opt for matching T-shirts to promote a cause or identify who they are. One church group from Savannah did both when they all wore matching T-shirts during a two-week humanitarian stint in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

Ah, young love. A time of walking on air, whispered endearments, and goofy smiles. It’s also a time when it’s perfectly OK to outfit yourselves in matching T-shirts proclaiming your feelings for one another. Kevin and Jane bought light blue T-shirts with each other’s names on the backs. They weren’t publicly affectionate, but they didn’t have to be.

Of course, donning matching T-shirts isn’t just for young lovers. Older couples like to dress alike too – only they usually prefer track suits. And that’s another article for another time.

In summary, matching T-shirts can be corny, kitschy, or cool. It all depends on what they look like, and the attitude of those wearing them. The important thing to remember is that no one wants to wear an ill-fitting T-shirt in an unflattering color, so make sure you pick a style that suits everyone.

How to Match Your T-shirt and Pants

Trying to make sure you are properly in fashion can give many people headaches from the frustration. There are way too many rules to abide by and worry about. Well, stop worrying about it! Each person has his own sense of comfort and style. Finding your style may take a little trial and error, but when you do find the perfect look for you, it will be worth it.

One of the first things you need to think about when picking your clothing is what you like. If you love t-shirts there are many different styles to choose from. You can have t-shirts with sayings, graphics, political statements, sports, or bands. The options really are numerous. So pick the shirts you love the most and use them to choose your pants.

Very rarely will a t-shirt look good with a pair of dress pants. Occasionally, you can get away with wearing a t-shirt with dress pants, but you have to be careful. A simple pair of black slacks can look fine with a black t-shirt in a rock n’ roll style graphic or slogan. However, not too many people can pull off this look, so there are no guarantees this style will work for you.

Gray t-shirts with dark brown pants really do not look good together. The colors don’t blend well and can be quite off balance. If you wear a gray t-shirt your best bet is a pair of jeans. Darker blue jeans will be the ideal look. You can also do black since it looks fine but the blue looks the best. Really, jeans will look the great with any color t-shirt. Faded jeans are a nice touch to vintage looking t-shirts while tight wrangler style jeans are perfect for t-shirts with a cowboy saying.

Corduroys are not the best choice for t-shirts. Polo shirts and button down shirts look the best with corduroys. T-shirts tend to look awkward and out of proportion when worn with corduroy pants. If your pants are a color other than blue or black, you will need to match them with your t-shirt with more care.

To match a red t-shirt with pants, you can choose from several different colors for your pants. Yellow, white, tan, and purple match the best with red, other than blue or black. For a yellow shirt your best bets are dark green, deep red and deep brown. A pink shirt looks beautiful with a deep brown although other colors such as light green and a bright yellow may also work.

Matching your t-shirt with your pants takes a bit of experimentation. Put the colors together in bright sunlight to see if they appeal to you. If you can’t look at them because they don’t look right, you have your answer. You should also consider the graphics so that you don’t have a basketball shirt while wearing baseball pants. Take your time when you are matching your clothes, so you are comfortable when you step outside. Of course, when all else fails, ask someone else!

Matching T-Shirts for Your Family Members is Growing in Popularity

Show off your pride for your children with matching t-shirts! T-shirts are a fun and inexpensive way to dress alike. Wearing matching clothing is a nice way to show your closeness with your children.

It’s so easy to create your own t-shirt combinations that are perfectly customized for your family. Take pictures of dad and son. Scan them into the computer so you can easily upload the pictures to online t-shirt design sites. Add “Big Guy” and “Little Guy” to their respective shirts. Or use their names with a picture of their favorite activity like hunting, fishing, or a sport. There are thousands of designs to choose from online or you can create your own.

You can also stick with simple text like “Team Daddy” or “I’m on Daddy’s Team.” Put your child’s picture on Dad’s shirt with “I’m Joshua’s Dad.”

When Zane Bennage turned 5, his grandparents bought he and his dad special matching shirts for dad’s favorite sports team. This football season, the father-son team has matching personalized Pittsburgh Steeler t-shirts.

Some families are buying matching t-shirts for family photos. You can put your family crest or favorite activity or everyone’s names right on the shirt. They make great holiday cards.

For mothers and daughters, the options for matching shirts are only as endless as your imagination. Try “My Mom Rocks” for mom and “My Kid Rocks” for daughter. Or, for mom and baby, “Does this diaper make my butt look fat?” and “Does this baby make my butt look big?”

You can keep your t-shirts simple with a design you like and add your names. T-shirts with giant, sparkly flowers and retro band shirts are both trendy right now.

If you don’t find something you like online, at the store or in a catalog, design your own. It’s a great father-son or mother-daughter project to draw or craft something special and unique to your relationship.

Ty Brown and his son, Mark, started with a simple graphic design program on their computer. They used their favorite motorcycle logo and worked their last name into it. Thanks to simple online t-shirt design companies, they uploaded the design and were ordering shirts in no time. Ty’s wife, Jen and their daughter May took a different approach. They went to the fabric store and really started from scratch. 6 year old May picked out accessories to embellish the purple shirts she selected. Once they had buttons, felt and sparkly rhinestones, the two were ready to get to work. Jen cut out big flower pieces from the felt. Then, May helped add the buttons to the flower centers and rhinestones around the edges. Jen used a simple fabric marker to write their names on their shirts.

When everyone’s shirts were done, the Browns had a friend take a picture and their customized t-shirt creations were featured in their annual Christmas card.

Mother-daughter and father-son t-shirts are great for family vacations, too. Get an “I Love NYC” or “Rehobeth Beach” shirt. The boys get one color and put their names on the back in a sports jersey style. The girls can choose another color and have their names embroidered on the front.

Don’t forget holidays and special events. For one group of family friends, all the mothers and daughters get matching shirts for their “girls’ day out.” The trips started as back to school shopping trips to the local shoe store when the kids were young. One year, they decided to head to the large King of Prussia mall for a weekend long visit. They decided to get customized t-shirts to mark the occasion and to help quickly spot each other in the mall. Now, that there are grandchildren to take back to school shopping, it’s become a tradition to get mother-daughter-granddaughter shirts for each family.