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Top 10 Places to Wear Matching T-Shirts as a Couple


Matching couples t-shirts have become extremely popular, particularly in China and other Asian countries. Proud couples who want to display their love for each other wear couples t-shirts for many occasions. Here are some places you can show off those cute matching shirts.

At the rehearsal dinner. Wearing couples t-shirts at the rehearsal dinner is a fun way to show your personality and relax a bit before the big day. It will also help those relatives you haven’t met to identify who’s the bride and who’s the groom. Shirts that simply say “The Bride” and “The Groom” will do, or try these t-shirts featuring two intertwined hearts.

At your wedding. If you’re a couple with a sense of humor and want to break the tension typically associated with a wedding (or you just don’t have the time and/or money to spend on formal wedding attire), matching couple t-shirts are the way to go. Try a tuxedo t-shirt for the groom and a wedding gown t-shirt for the bride. To create a truly custom look, have your names and wedding date printed on the back of your shirt. The tuxedo t-shirt/wedding gown t-shirt combo could also be a fun choice if you’re guests at a casual wedding.

At your second wedding. You already endured the pomp and circumstance of a big first wedding. This time around, why not have some fun? Dress in a tuxedo t-shirt and a matching bride t-shirt, and you won’t even have to change before the party that night. If you have attendants, let them in on the fun too.

On your honeymoon. The love is new, the excitement of the wedding is still palpable and you want the whole world to know that you’re in love! A honeymoon is one of the most popular times to wear matching t-shirts as a couple. We like the matching “We Did” t-shirts at Zazzle.com featuring a cute cartoon wedding couple. Shelf Life offers a selection of t-shirts featuring a honeymoon theme.

On a date. So you shouldn’t give your date a matching t-shirt on the first date (or the second or even the third) or you risk looking psycho. But if you’re a steady item, matching t-shirts can be a fun way to let everyone know who you are with.

At a nightclub. Keep the sharks at bay by wearing matching t-shirts!

At parties. Matching couple shirts are the perfect get-up for a party. You’ll stand out in the crowd, and you’re sure to get lots of comments from men and women alike about how cute you look together. Best of all, all the other girls will know that your guy is taken (and vice versa)!

To a concert. If you’re both fans, why not wear matching t-shirts to the concert? Double the fun!

Anywhere there will be a crowd. Matching couple t-shirts are not only cute, they can also come in handy if you and your partner become separated. Just ask people if they’ve seen someone wearing a shirt like yours!

Hanging out at home. Seeing that your special someone is wearing your matching shirt will make you feel closer all day long.

What T-Shirts Match Corduroy?

Corduroy is a warm fabric, typically used in pants and occasionally in shirts and sports jackets. It has vertical ridges, made of tufted cords that are similar to velvet. They give corduroy a unique texture. The wale of the cord is the thickness of the ridges in the textile. The look of the fabric is very different depending on the size of the wale. Corduroy is very popular in cooler climates and during the cooler months of the year. In fact, some people see corduroy as a sign of seasonal changes, much like when women stop wearing white shoes. Corduroy can be found in a wide variety of colors and is worn by men, women and children.

Corduroy is a very versatile fabric and can easily be dressed up or down. It works perfectly well with a shirt and tie or a nice blouse in a casual corporate environment. However, it can also be worn with a T-shirt for a much more casual look. If you are looking for a totally relaxed, outdoors look, a white T-shirt and corduroys look great together. However for everyday looks that are not quite that laid back, colored T-shirts look much better with corduroy.

The wale of the corduroy also reflects whether or not an item made of it is seen as casual or dressier. Narrow wale corduroy is much dressier and should be worn with shirts and jackets. It typically does not go well with T-shirts, unless they are layered under something else. Wide wale corduroy pants are a great addition to any casual wardrobe and are perfect with T-shirts, especially heavyweight ones.

Corduroy is a classic for layering, much like T-shirts. In fact, one of the most classic looks with corduroy pants is a T-shirt and a button down shirt or blazer. It can work for casual Fridays at work, an evening out with friends or a date. Practically any color T-shirts look great layered in an outfit with corduroy for a casual, fun ensemble. Layering is all about comfort and nothing is more comfortable than soft, absorbent cotton T-shirts and warm corduroy pants. It’s simply a match made in fashion heaven.

If you are looking for a great T-shirt to match with a nice pair of cords, check out the options afforded by custom-made T-shirts. By choosing to go with custom tees, you can select the perfect color to match or complement your corduroys. You can also opt for higher quality or lower quality shirts and those in different fabric weights. Different styles, from loose fitting to regular fitting to differing necklines, also can be chosen to help you create the perfect shirt. If you want to have something printed on a custom-made T-shirt for a fun casual look to wear with your corduroys, you can choose practically anything. You can even choose to make a special corduroy T-shirt that says things like I heart corduroy or Eat, Sleep, Wear Corduroy.

Get your selection of great custom-made T-shirts today to match up with the corduroy you have in your closet for when the weather turns cool.

What Pants Match My Yellow T-Shirt

A yellow T-shirt is a bright, sunny piece of clothing that brings a little ray of sunshine to your day anytime you wear it. You will want to have several pairs of pants available so that you can wear your yellow T-shirt anytime you choose. But what can you pair it with to make it look its best? There are many things that will coordinate with a yellow T-shirt and keep the yellow from fading into the background. To enhance the yellow color of your T-shirt, there are several options.

If the T-shirt is a bright yellow, it can be worn with any medium or dark colored pants.  The very bright yellow paired with a white might be nice for an Easter event, but it might be considered less than tasteful at other times of the year. But when paired with a pair of black pants or dark brown pants, a bright yellow T-shirt can be enhanced by the neutral color of the pants.

If the yellow color is very dark, medium or dark orange pants will coordinate well with it.  Dark yellow T-shirts also look good with black pants and dark jeans. If the yellow of the T-shirt is very light, it will not coordinate well with your jeans or dark pants. It will look best with a pair of tan pants, very light jeans, or a pair of white pants.

If you have any neon yellow T-shirt, it will probably look best when paired with black pants. But because neon yellow is not a dressy color, wearing it with a pair of black slacks would look a little awkward. The best course of action with neon is to pair it with a pair of black jeans or very dark casual pants. This enhances the bright nature of the yellow T-shirt and keeps the entire outfit from being completely overwhelming. Pairing a very bright yellow color with another bright color would be a little bit too much for the eye.

If you like pastels and enjoy wearing a pastel yellow T-shirt, you can pair it with other pastels for a soft look. A subtle spring look is a light yellow T-shirt with a pair of light green pants. You can play around with a few different pastel colors and see which one looks best with your particular shade of light yellow. Some light yellows will go well with a pastel blue or even a light orange pair of pants. A yellow T-shirt will likely not look good with a pair of red pants.

If you want to keep the yellow from overwhelming an outfit, make sure to choose a neutral color pants.  If you are celebrating an occasion and want to look as festive and eye-catching as possible, you might hear it with bright-colored pants in order to create a dramatic effect. With yellow, just about any look is possible. It can go from day to night, from casual to dressy and from eye-catching to neutral depending on what you pair it with.

What Pants Match with a Black T-Shirt?

Black T-shirts are not only one of the coolest colors among all t-shirt colors but they go well with a great variety of pants. That’s right. It is not hard to find the right pants and accessories to go with a black T-shirt and make you look great. This is true whether you are a guy or girl. The types of outfits you can create go on an on.

First of all there is the classic look of a black T-shirt with beige pants. What does this look say? Well it is stylish and classy. It may be the first color of pants you think of when you think black T-shirt. If you have writing on your T-shirt and it has lots of different colors, your beige pants will still be the perfect match for your black T-shirt. For years people have put on their beige pants with the black shirt. It works with dress shirts that are black, polo shirts that are black, and it works with T-shirts that are black too. Almost any shade of beige will work for you. Try this combination and you will look great.

But, with the black T-shirt you’ve got lots of options as well. It will work with black pants too. A black T-shirt with blank pants has its own special look. It is a sleek look that many are trying today. It presents a certain presence of power or even wealth. Add a blazer to your black pants and black T-shirt and you have just upped the ante. You now look great and even ready for many professional settings but with a modern, hip twist. This blazer can itself be black or you could try gray or beige for a winning combination too.

White pants with a black T-shirt can be very nice also. This is an especially good look for women. The contrast of shades, though not colorful per se, is actually a cute or feminine look that is quite alluring. Maybe you could add a splash of color with a red purse or belt and you are looking really good. Imagine a black and white outfit with some beautiful high heeled red shoes. Do you really think you can keep the guys away? No way.

So, go ahead and pick up some black T-shirts and see how far they can go in creating a look for you that you love. From the classic, “I am polished” look for guys to the “Look how sexy I can be” look for the girls and everything in-between, the black t-shirt will take you there. Find the right colors to match and you can be ready for a different event every day of the week with the same black T-shirt. Just be sure you wash it in between all these wearings. You might want to have a few on hand anyway, because with lots of use and lots of washings, the black is likely to fade a bit.

What Pants Match My Pink T-Shirt

When you have a pink T-shirt you may want to wear as often as possible. That means having plenty of pairs of pants that you know can be paired well with it in order to show it off to its best light. There are many different ways to showcase a pink T-shirt and to do it in style.

If the T-shirt is light pink, it is generally paired with something light to medium colored. It will not work well with a pair of black pants or a pair of dark brown pants. Even a pair of navy blue pants will be too dark to be paired with a light pink T-shirt. There are a number of other options, however, that are just as readily available. No matter what the shade of pink, every pink T-shirt tends to look good with a pair of tan pants. Tan pants are easy to find and come in many different flattering shades. They are light enough to coordinate well with a pink T-shirt but they are not so light that they will compete with it. They are a very good neutral tone to show off the pink color of your shirt.

In addition to the tan pants that you can wear with this color, there are also very light shades of white, off-white, and peach that can be worn with it. If the T-shirt is worn with an off-white or cream pair of pants; this is a well coordinated, cute outfit that is perfect for the spring time. It’s great for casual events and perhaps for casual Fridays as well.

There are some people who wear a pink T-shirt with jeans, but it may not be the best way to show off the pink color. The deep color of the jeans will tend to drown out the lighter color of the pink T-shirt. This is not true however, if the pink is a very deep pink or a fuchsia. If the pink is a very startling, bright color it will always get noticed. Even if worn with a dark color, a shocking pink T-shirt can be worn with a darker pair of pants for this reason.

There are a number of other colors that can be worn with pink T-shirts as well. For some shades of pink, particularly the ones that have a red hue rather than an orange one, a pair of red pants may go well with the shirt. The red should be a little darker than the pink color so that the pants will enhance the pink rather than overwhelm it. The darker red will then act almost as a neutral color to showcase the pink.

If your pink T-shirt has a noticeable orange hue to it, a pair of orange pants might work better than red ones. This orange hue will act much like the red pants by highlighting the color of the T-shirt. It will bring out the orange tones in the shirt and create a striking image. It will coordinate well and create a put-together image with a beautiful palette of colors.

What Pants Match My Orange T-Shirt

Orange can be a tricky color to match well with a pair of pants. If you have an orange T-shirt, you may want to have as many options as possible to wear with it. This will mean that you have plenty of outfits choose from while still wearing your comfortable orange T-shirt. Luckily, there are plenty of options that will work with orange.

One of the most obvious choices for orange T-shirt is a pair of brown pants. It hardly matters what the shade of orange is, it will probably go well with a pair of brown pants.  There are brown slacks that are dressy and will dress up your orange T-shirt, and there are far more casual brown pants that will create a much more casual outfit. Dark brown corduroy pants are sometimes worn with orange shirts, and the two colors tend to look good together. This may not be true however, if the orange T-shirt is a pastel orange.

Pastel orange colors will likely look better with a much lighter pair of pants. A pair of light tan pants or even white pants will go well with a pastel orange T-shirt. This is a good outfit to wear for casual business environments and for spring occasions. Tan pants are readily available any time and they come in a wide variety of styles, making this a very versatile outfit.

Medium and dark orange shades often look best with very dark colored pants. These orange shades look great when paired with a pair of black pants. A good business casual outfit can be a medium or dark orange T-shirt along with a pair of black slacks. This is particularly true when the orange is a very dark shade. If the shade is closer to a medium orange, a pair of khaki pants may look best. Medium orange and a medium shade of khaki are two earth tones that look great together. They make a great outfit that doesn’t stand out as being strange, but it certainly isn’t an outfit that everyone wears. It strikes that balance of being unusual without grabbing the wrong kind of attention.

Just about any orange shades also go well with jeans. Jeans come in a variety of shades just like any other type of clothing.  For the best shade, try to match the colors by their intensity. A bright orange T-shirt will probably look best with a medium blue pair of jeans. A very light shade of orange on a T-shirt will go best with a light blue shade of jeans. A dark orange T-shirt will likely be best paired with a pair of deep blue jeans.

You can experiment with mixing and matching these to see how well the colors go together. If you have a T-shirt that is straddling the line between a light and a medium shade of orange, you might try several shades of jeans to see which coordinates best.  Also remember that jeans come in other colors that might work with your T-shirt. A rust colored pair of jeans may be perfect for that dark orange shirt.

Which Pants Match with a Blue T-Shirt?

Blue is the classic color. To find pants to match a blue T-shirt is not at all a difficult task. It may only depend on your mood and the type of look you are trying to convey. Through a variety of pants you can express that exact mood you desire. By simply changing your pants, you can create a variety of different looks. The best thing to do is try them all and see what works for you but here are a few suggestions and the most popular choices.

First, you could try your blue T-shirt with beige pants. This will create a nice classic look that is sharp and easy. But just as easy and classic is to go with a gray colored pant. This look is easy too and it is hard to go wrong. Making this even simpler, almost any shade of beige or any shade of gray is going to work as well. The lighter shades will be a more casual and perhaps friendlier look. The darker shades will make you out to look a bit more formal and perhaps professional.

Secondly, however you could go with some more daring and expressive combination. For example, a pair of white pants with your blue T-shirt is and fresh and exciting look. Think of all those boaters who go with this combination and look great. You can go in the exact opposite direction and try a black pair of pants. With this you create a sharp and professional look. You can see how versatile blue is.

So if you branch out in almost every direction your will be alright. In fact, even blue would work. Just imagine a dark pair of blue pants with a light blue T-shirt. This is a winning and elegant combination. So, as long as you have any of these types of pants you’re going to look sharp in a blue T-shirt.

Now, there a few colors of pants that would be more difficult with your blue T-shirt. For example, green pants are tough and would be a near fashion disaster. If there really were fashion police, you would be pulled over for wearing green pants and a blue T-shirt. You would be heavily fined by these police as well, most likely. But, this is all not a reflection on the blue T-shirt or how versatile it is in the wardrobe. Indeed very little goes with the green pants. In fact, if you own such a pair, odds are they don’t make their way out of the closet very often. If they do, hopefully for the rest of us, it is on those days that you have decided to stay in.

As a general rule you probably want to stay away from very bright colored pants when you wear a blue T-shirt. It’s a look that works for kindergartners, but it can start to look a little funky for adults. Red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink are all colors you’re going to want to stay away from with a blue T-shirt. To be honest though, neutral colors like blue, gray, khaki, black, and white seem to work a lot better for pants anyway. Save the brighter colors for your T-shirts, and everybody will be okay.

Couples Matching T-Shirts Are A Fun And Practical

Couples matching T-shirts are hot. They are everywhere. Proud couples who want to show off their love for one another are wearing couples matching T-shirts for lots of occasions. Such T-shirts are great for a night out, for an outing where there are lots of people or practically anytime you are together. They can even be worn when you are planning to be apart. Knowing that your special someone is wearing their matching shirt will make you feel closer to each other all day long.

There are so many great reasons that couples wear matching T-shirts. Some people love to do everything together, even dress alike. Others love to let everyone around them know who they are with. For others, matching T-shirts are to make sure others know that your significant other is spoken for. For some couples, it is a symbol of their love, togetherness or their dedication to each other.

Surprisingly enough, many couples find that they tend to dress in similar color combinations unconsciously. You may meet over the breakfast table to find that you are both wearing a red T-shirt and jeans or a pair of khaki shorts and a white T-shirt. It happens naturally the closer you become. Therefore it is only normal that the next step in the process is to go out and get a set of couples matching T-shirts.

Matching T-shirts actually have some practical purposes. If you are in a busy place with lots of people, it will be easier to find the other person if you get separated. In fact, other people will even be able to help whether they know you or not. It is easy and natural for someone to say “A guy wearing the same T-shirt as you is looking for you. I saw him over there.” If you are working together on a project, you can direct people to go see the other person who is wearing the same T-shirt. If you both feel strongly about a cause your matching T-shirts can speak doubly loudly about your beliefs.

If you are looking for couples matching T-shirts, the best place to go is to a company that makes custom-made shirts. It will be the easiest, most efficient and absolute best way to get them. You can choose the color and style you want. You can get T-shirts made by the same manufacturer, in the same weight and quality, but in male and female styles and then have them printed to make them unique. That is the beauty of custom-made T-shirts: you can do whatever you want with them.

Some fun ideas to have printed on couples matching T-shirts are:
–    I love him. I love her.
–    I heart couples matching T-shirts
–    Name loves Name
–    I’m with him/her
–    Couples that dress alike rock
–    Have you seen my better half?
–    Mr. and Mrs.
–    Addicted to love
–    Property of him/ Property of her

Get your couples matching T-shirts today and be proud to show off who you are with!

Matching T-Shirt Ideas

Matching t-shirts aren’t just for the Doublemint Twins. They’re popping up more and more on the backs of families, friends, teammates, and lovers. Why? Dressing alike promotes unity among the wearers, and T-shirts are affordable and customizable. Here are just a few groups drawn to matching T-shirts:

Outfitting each family member with a matching T-shirt promotes unity. (That is, if everyone wears them willingly). If the Smith family shows up at a reunion, holiday event, amusement park or vacation spot in matching T-shirts that say “Team Smith,” they’re in effect saying “this is a family that works together and has fun together.”

Dressing alike for family portraits is one thing, but finding a T-shirt that suits a family full of different-sized people with different personalities isn’t easy. One way to get everyone on board is to make them a part of the process. Get everyone’s input on color, fabric, slogan, and logo before you buy. Also, take into account that women might prefer a different cut than the guys. The shirts won’t be exactly the same, but you can still have a unified theme.

Sure, athletes dress alike on the field, but the hours spent forging a team spirit sometimes trickles off the field as well. You’ll often find teammates from a variety of sports wearing matching T-shirts in the off-season. Sometimes they do it to commemorate a particularly memorable past season, to celebrate school spirit, or to promote the fact they all went to sports camp that summer.

Often these shirts reflect school colors and are emblazoned with inside jokes that only those “who have been there” would understand. The backs of these shirts often feature the players’ nicknames, which are often equally obscure in meaning.

Groups of friends:
Others order T-shirts to remember a shared event. Pat S. And his friends braved a trip to Key West during a serious storm warning for that area. So they commissioned a dozen shirts emblazoned with “Hunkered Down and Liquored up in Key West!” and wore them en masse to the clubs that night.

Other groups opt for matching T-shirts to promote a cause or identify who they are. One church group from Savannah did both when they all wore matching T-shirts during a two-week humanitarian stint in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

Ah, young love. A time of walking on air, whispered endearments, and goofy smiles. It’s also a time when it’s perfectly OK to outfit yourselves in matching T-shirts proclaiming your feelings for one another. Kevin and Jane bought light blue T-shirts with each other’s names on the backs. They weren’t publicly affectionate, but they didn’t have to be.

Of course, donning matching T-shirts isn’t just for young lovers. Older couples like to dress alike too – only they usually prefer track suits. And that’s another article for another time.

In summary, matching T-shirts can be corny, kitschy, or cool. It all depends on what they look like, and the attitude of those wearing them. The important thing to remember is that no one wants to wear an ill-fitting T-shirt in an unflattering color, so make sure you pick a style that suits everyone.