Overweight men

Fashion Tips for Overweight Men

Overweight men

Whether you are a chubby, portly, pudgy, or fat man, you can look good with the clothes that you wear. Of course with your shape being as it is you will have some coordinating to do. But with proper planning you can leave the house looking like a million bucks no matter how much extra weight your body carries.

First and foremost make sure that the shirts you wear are not too tight. If you are a big guy then the last thing you want to do is wear a t-shirt that is tight on your body. This will show all the lumps and bumps that make you who you are. While it is true you are who you are, you don’t need to show the world the entire package. Finding a looser fitting t-shirt will not only to help you feel more comfortable but it will make you look better as well. If possible wear a nice v-neck t-shirt. A v-neck will help create a neck line for you and make you look taller and thinner as well.

For dress shirts wear the ones with the more pointed collars. These will draw attention to your face. No matter what, never wear a turtleneck shirt. Doing so will make your neck totally disappear and give a more compact –and heavy- look.

Moving on to your pants selection, it is wise to invest in low-rise trousers and jeans. This type of pant will fit around your waist as opposed to your mid-section and therefore will not draw as much attention to your gut. Also avoid jeans that are tight fitting as they will not only be uncomfortable for you but will look terrible as well. A nice pair of loose-fit jeans with a boot cut gives you more room for your legs and helps to hide any trouble spots you may have.

When getting fancy get your suites tailored. Yes it will cost you a little more but the end result will be worth it. Remember that vertical stripes are slimming, but that being said don’t go overboard and get a suite that makes you look like an NFL referee. Go with a more subtle pin-stripping. This will give you the illusion you desire without having to call holding on the nearest group of guys you see.

For the sports jacket itself go for the three button blazers. Blazers with one or two buttons just call attention to the fact that you are a hefty man. Three buttons will help elongate your body and make you look taller and thus thinner. Also avoid blazers with heavy materials as these will be bulkier and only add to your problem.

Above all else stand up straight and be proud of who you are. It’s easy to slouch but doing so makes you look shorter and less confident. Standing up straight will make you look taller –and thinner- and lets the world know that you are not ashamed to be a little overweight.

Your ultimate goal may be to lose weight but in the mean time there is no reason you can’t dress to kill. Being aware of what goes on your body won’t make you a skinny man, but it will make you a good looking overweight man.

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