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French fashion

Paris is the unquestionable fashion capital of the world. It’s no wonder that the women of Paris are some of the best dressed women on the planet. After all, they have to keep up their reputation of being beautiful and fabulous, right? Otherwise, they might have to move the fashion capital of Europe to some other, less illuminated European city. That, by French standards, would be positively tragic.

Women all over the world have spent thousands of dollars trying to look as put together and fashion-forward as a Parisian mademoiselle. For those with a little more cash at their disposal, they can go straight to the source and stock their wardrobes with one-of-a-kind pieces from French dwelling designer labels. Anyone can look French when dressed in head to toe haute couture.  But since most of us don’t have a six figure annual clothing budget, we have to get a little creative when it comes to recreating that ultra feminine look you see on the streets of Paris and in fashion magazines.

With a little bit of a padded wallet, you might even be able to hit up a consignment shop or thrift store and find an original Chanel suit or a Burberry coat. But the heart of French fashion is creativity and uniqueness. If you really want to dress like a French woman, it’s time to put a little bit of thought and originality into each ensemble.

Now, most of us don’t have an on-call live-in seamstress that can whip up our own personal designs at the drop of a hat. However, there are ways that every American woman can have a wardrobe full of French-inspired fashions that are all her own. Here are some tips on how to do so.

•    Make sure you invest in classic looks that are timeless. Trendy items are not typical to a French wardrobe. Choose classic styles and colors.
•    Know your body type and dress for it.
If you have wide hips, downplay them by dressing the right way. If you’re a little overweight, focus on slimming techniques in your clothing choices.
•    Wear mostly solid colors, in neutral or dark shades.
Bright colors do not always portray a French look, especially bright prints. However, if you want to interject some color into your outfits, do so with accessories, especially printed scarves.
•    Accessorize richly. Hats and sunglasses make for a great look. Scarves are an absolute necessity. Classic jewelry is also a chic touch. Be sure to invest in great shoes, purses and belts.
•    Classic tailored coats,
A-line coats, blazers and shawls make the perfect French-inspired cover-up when things get chilly.
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