How to Choose a T-Shirt to Show off Your Breasts

When you want to show off your breasts, there are few things that are better to wear then a T-shirt. The nature of cotton means that the material will hug the shape and will mold itself to the woman’s figure. Cotton T-shirts will develop a memory after being worn several times, and their shape will conform to your shape. If you want to make your breasts as noticeable as possible, wearing a cotton T-shirt that is tight around the breasts means that the T-shirt will stretch itself to accommodate your shape. That means a well fitting T-shirt and one that will not hide the breasts away from public notice.

If you want them to get the maximum attention, you might even try to wear a T-shirt that is a size too small. This will force the eye to notice your curves. The first time you wear a T-shirt that is a little too tight; the shirt may act in a slightly concealing way. It might push down on your curves and make them less noticeable. However, wear the T-shirt several times and you will soon see that it has stretched and its new shape is a powerful way to enhance your breasts.

Another quick way to get plenty of attention for your breasts is to wear a bright color that will command everyone’s attention to them. That attention might be attracted by the bright color, but that attention will stay because of the shape that you are showing off. A great bright color to wear is a bright yellow. Bright yellow is one of the most eye-catching of all the available colors. Wearing something that is bright yellow never fails to get attention. And if you’re ready to show off your breasts, you will first need to gain attention.

If you further want plenty of attention to your bust line, you may also want to design something with shapes, colors, or other designs that will enhance that area. Bright colors attract the eye and make things seem larger. Dark colors make things seem smaller than they are. So, the T-shirt that is darker on the bottom and lighter at the top will bring the eye up to the area that is lightest. If the bust area is light and the rest of the T-shirt is a very dark color, all the attention that comes to you will be focused on your breasts.

There are other ways that people design T-shirts in order to get the most attention they can for their breasts. This can include placing two large symbols or pictures at the bust line. Some people choose bunches of grapes, and there also T-shirts that feature fried eggs or other round items in order to get the most attention possible on that area. If that doesn’t seem entirely up your alley, you might try a few words printed across the chest.  If the words are small, people will have to get close and look at your chest in order to be able to read them.

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