Small shirt

How To Tell If A T-Shirt Is Too Small For You

Small shirt

T-shirts are a great addition to practically any wardrobe. They work well in the most casual of situations, as well as with very dressy outfits. Having a wide variety of different color and style T-shirts in your wardrobe means true versatility. However, it is very important to be sure that the T-shirts you wear fit properly, because ill fitting ones simply make you appear careless.

If you are questioning whether or not a shirt is too small for you, the following guidelines should help you decide.
•    If a T-shirt feels too tight and you are uncomfortable in it, it is too small.
•    If your T-shirt leaves indentations on your skin from the seams, it does not fit properly.
•    It is too small if you raise your hands above your head and an expanse of belly or back is exposed.
•    If the shirt you are wearing rides up during normal movements, it is not big enough.
•    The shoulder seam where the sleeves are attached to the tee should not be on the shoulder. If they are, the shirt is definitely too small.
•    When every detail of your torso is tightly hugged by a T-shirt, it is too small.
•    If you struggle to get a T-shirt over your head, you definitely need a bigger size.
•    If your T-shirt doesn’t stay over your hips even though it is long enough to be able to, it is too small.
•    If the sleeves of the T-shirt are too tight on your arms, then the shirt is too small.
•    If your T-shirt emphasizes things about your body that you would rather not be emphasized, like love handles or a muffin top belly, then you can deem it too small.
•    If the hem of your T-shirt barely touches the waistband of your pants, it is also too small.

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