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Small shirt

How To Tell If A T-Shirt Is Too Small For You

Small shirt

T-shirts are a great addition to practically any wardrobe. They work well in the most casual of situations, as well as with very dressy outfits. Having a wide variety of different color and style T-shirts in your wardrobe means true versatility. However, it is very important to be sure that the T-shirts you wear fit properly, because ill fitting ones simply make you appear careless.

If you are questioning whether or not a shirt is too small for you, the following guidelines should help you decide.
•    If a T-shirt feels too tight and you are uncomfortable in it, it is too small.
•    If your T-shirt leaves indentations on your skin from the seams, it does not fit properly.
•    It is too small if you raise your hands above your head and an expanse of belly or back is exposed.
•    If the shirt you are wearing rides up during normal movements, it is not big enough.
•    The shoulder seam where the sleeves are attached to the tee should not be on the shoulder. If they are, the shirt is definitely too small.
•    When every detail of your torso is tightly hugged by a T-shirt, it is too small.
•    If you struggle to get a T-shirt over your head, you definitely need a bigger size.
•    If your T-shirt doesn’t stay over your hips even though it is long enough to be able to, it is too small.
•    If the sleeves of the T-shirt are too tight on your arms, then the shirt is too small.
•    If your T-shirt emphasizes things about your body that you would rather not be emphasized, like love handles or a muffin top belly, then you can deem it too small.
•    If the hem of your T-shirt barely touches the waistband of your pants, it is also too small.

Big t-shirt

How To Tell If A T-Shirt Is Too Big

Big t-shirt

Sizing is very important when it comes to looking good in your clothes. It not only gives a better impression when you are well dressed, it also makes you more comfortable and more confident in how you look. For a variety of reasons many people opt to wear T-shirts that are somewhat loose. They feel more at ease, less constricted and do not feel like they are showing off their body, flaws and all. However, it is very important to be able to tell if your T-shirt is actually too big, so you don’t look sloppy.

If the shoulder seams, where the shoulder meets the sleeve of the T-shirt, are falling lower than just slightly off the edge of the shoulder, than the T-shirt is too big. If you see the seam midway between the shoulder and the elbow you know that you definitely need to find one smaller. This is a common problem when women opt to wear men’s or even unisex T-shirts and is one of the best arguments for women wearing only T-shirts that are designed with their shape in mind.

If the T-shirt hangs very loosely, not even skimming the shape of the body and is long enough to be worn as a dress, you can definitely feel confident in saying that it is too big. Such T-shirts resemble small tents and are definitely not effective in covering up any perceived body flaws. They instead reinforce the impression that the person is not only overweight, but also sloppy. For those who are very thin, shirts that hang too loosely and too long also tend to make you look unkempt and even thinner than you actually are.

If you can lift a T-shirt by the shoulder seems and move it back and forth, so that each time you stop it shows a different part of your bra, shoulder, upper back or chest, you definitely have one that is too big. A T-shirt that fits properly should sit in only one place when you put it on and should not be adjustable. If it is, you need to go at least one size down, if not more.

Is My T-Shirt Too Tight?

Because the current style changes so often, it can be hard to tell whether a t-shirt is fitting the way it should, is too loose or is simply too tight. This can be a tricky subject because the answer will be different for every person. This leads to a wide definition of how to tell if a T-shirt fits too tightly.

For men, how tightly a t-shirt fits is often a matter of the wearer’s body type. For someone carrying a few extra pounds, a t-shirt should hang well in order to disguise this aspect of the figure. The t-shirt would be too tight if it clings so closely to the body that the extra pounds are very obvious to anyone who sees the person. For a man who is slender or average, the t-shirt can fit slightly tighter and still be appropriate. The t-shirt should skim the body without being formfitting.

Many men also worry about having fat in the chest region. If this is the case, the t-shirt should fit looser than if the chest is flat. A t-shirt that is the proper size might be considered too tight if this chest area is visible. Choose one size larger than you would ordinarily choose in order to conceal that region.

For women, the standards are far different. The woman’s figure does have something to do with how tightly the T-shirt can fit, but there are other aspects involved as well. A tight t-shirt is often considered inappropriate for women in many different social situations. Going to church or school or being around family members often means that a t-shirt should fit looser than another such social situations.

To determine how tightly the T-shirt is fitting a woman, it’s important to see how closely it hugs the figure. Most women want a t-shirt that reveals something about their figure. This is often considered flattering for most figure types. To do this, the T-shirt should skim the figure without hiding or revealing too much. If a t-shirt fits correctly, some aspects of the figure should be left to the imagination, but the shirt should not be so large that the figure is completely obscured.

If the t-shirt is too tight, too much of the figure will be revealed. This is especially true in the chest region. If a woman’s chest is large, it can be especially difficult to find a t-shirt that skims the rest of the figure while not fitting the chest too tightly. If the entire shape of the chest is visible, the t-shirt is likely too tight. If there is a little bit of room in at the bust without having too much fabric around the middle, the fit is perfect.

Some people consider a thin figure a license to wear a very tiny t-shirt. But, just because there are no figure flaws this does not mean that nothing should be left to the imagination. If every curve of the figure is visible, the t-shirt is too tight- even on a thin figure.

How To Tell If A Shirt Is Too Big

T-shirt sizing is very important in pulling together a sharp looking outfit. It is easily as important as matching, ironing and dressing for the occasion. For most people it is very easy to tell if a shirt is too small, but it is more difficult to determine if it is too big. Therefore, using certain easy-to-follow guidelines will help you make that determination very easily.

When you try on a T-shirt look in the mirror and check where the shoulder seams lay. The sewn line where the sleeve meets the body of the T-shirt should be sitting at the edge of your shoulder, if it fits properly. If that seam is resting on your upper arm, the T-shirt you are wearing is too big for you. Shoulder fit is one of the most well-known and easiest determinants of whether or not a T-shirt actually fits.

Another aspect of the T-shirt to look at when determining if it is too big for you is the length of it. If the T-shirt completely covers your behind, it is too big. In fact, at that length it is almost a dress. It should cover about half of your backside. Such T-shirts are fine to keep in your closet and use them at certain times.

If you tuck in a T-shirt and it bunches and creates noticeable bumps under your clothing, chances are the tee is too big for you. A well-fitting T-shirt should be able to be tucked into a pair of pants or a skirt smoothly without bunching. In addition, if you can adjust the T-shirt easily by a quick tug here or there, it must also be too big. A T-shirt that fits well is never that easy to adjust.

The good news is that even T-shirts that are too big are useful. They are great to sleep in. They make wonderful smocks for crafts or while painting. They can be your official cleaning the house T-shirts. They make good cover-ups for swimming or while at the beach.

There are many looks that even require oversized T-shirts. Skate boarders usually wear big tees. For those into hip hop, the culture dictates oversized T-shirts. An urban look or a gangster look are often characterized by oversized T-shirts also. However, by no means does wearing a large T-shirt mean that you belong to one of these groups. Some people simply feel more comfortable wearing a roomier T-shirt instead of one that is too revealing.

When you are ready to find a perfect size T-shirt, replace one that is too big or deliberately get an over-sized tee, the best place to get one is from a company that specializes in custom-made T-shirts. With custom tees, you choose the color, brand, weight, style and design of the shirt. You will have the perfect tee for you in no time. In fact, you can even turn a custom-made T-shirt into a shirt about finding the right size T-shirt.

Get your custom-made T-shirt today for the perfect fit you are looking for.