Is My T-Shirt Too Tight?

Because the current style changes so often, it can be hard to tell whether a t-shirt is fitting the way it should, is too loose or is simply too tight. This can be a tricky subject because the answer will be different for every person. This leads to a wide definition of how to tell if a T-shirt fits too tightly.

For men, how tightly a t-shirt fits is often a matter of the wearer’s body type. For someone carrying a few extra pounds, a t-shirt should hang well in order to disguise this aspect of the figure. The t-shirt would be too tight if it clings so closely to the body that the extra pounds are very obvious to anyone who sees the person. For a man who is slender or average, the t-shirt can fit slightly tighter and still be appropriate. The t-shirt should skim the body without being formfitting.

Many men also worry about having fat in the chest region. If this is the case, the t-shirt should fit looser than if the chest is flat. A t-shirt that is the proper size might be considered too tight if this chest area is visible. Choose one size larger than you would ordinarily choose in order to conceal that region.

For women, the standards are far different. The woman’s figure does have something to do with how tightly the T-shirt can fit, but there are other aspects involved as well. A tight t-shirt is often considered inappropriate for women in many different social situations. Going to church or school or being around family members often means that a t-shirt should fit looser than another such social situations.

To determine how tightly the T-shirt is fitting a woman, it’s important to see how closely it hugs the figure. Most women want a t-shirt that reveals something about their figure. This is often considered flattering for most figure types. To do this, the T-shirt should skim the figure without hiding or revealing too much. If a t-shirt fits correctly, some aspects of the figure should be left to the imagination, but the shirt should not be so large that the figure is completely obscured.

If the t-shirt is too tight, too much of the figure will be revealed. This is especially true in the chest region. If a woman’s chest is large, it can be especially difficult to find a t-shirt that skims the rest of the figure while not fitting the chest too tightly. If the entire shape of the chest is visible, the t-shirt is likely too tight. If there is a little bit of room in at the bust without having too much fabric around the middle, the fit is perfect.

Some people consider a thin figure a license to wear a very tiny t-shirt. But, just because there are no figure flaws this does not mean that nothing should be left to the imagination. If every curve of the figure is visible, the t-shirt is too tight- even on a thin figure.

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