How to Use T-Shirts to Attract Men or Women

The human mind is a curious thing. Even when the person is not consciously thinking about attracting a companion, their subconscious is. Everything a person does is designed to attract someone, whether intending to or not. Even something as simple as an article of clothing can make a huge impact on the attraction others have toward the one wearing it. A t-shirt is no different in that it can be a way to attraction the eyes of a special person.

Using a t-shirt to attract men or women is just one simple way to gain a new companion. Choosing your shirt wisely will give you the best chance of catching someone’s eye. Choosing a t-shirt that reflects your personality is your best bet. It would be difficult to explain that you are wearing a t-shirt from a band that you actually don’t even like! If you are not much of a sports lover, then a sports t-shirt would also not make much sense.

T-shirts that reflect your hobbies or philosophy are great choices. However, try not to give too many details that may scare off those you are trying to attract. A shirt that has a picture of a drunk with beer surrounding him doesn’t give off the best impression, so avoid shirts that expose your bad habits. A t-shirt that has a beautiful or thought-provoking quote is an excellent way to attract someone. Your shirt can also be about a favorite game or show if you really want to get someone that shares some of your loves.

Your t-shirt should also fit well. If your shirt is too big, you will look larger or like you can’t find clothes to fit you correctly. A nicely fitted shirt will accentuate your features and give you a put together appearance. If your shirt is too tight, you will look like you are either trying too hard to be smaller or look heavier because your clothing doesn’t fit right. Finding the perfect size can be tricky, but take your time when trying on clothing to get the correct fit. The shirt should hug your body without being too tight. Just tight enough to show off your shape.

The color is also important when choosing your t-shirt. A color that looks great with your skin tone and hair color will accentuate your features and make you look nice. The wrong color for your skin tone can have the opposite effect, making you look sickly. Faded colors tend to look run down and give off the appearance of not taking care of yourself or your clothes, even if that is not true. Clothing that is not worn out and not faded gives a better impression and looks like you can take care of yourself. It’s not really rational thinking, but is true nonetheless.

Attracting men or women takes a bit of planning to ensure that you are giving the best impression you can. Using your t-shirts you can attract someone that has similar hobbies and philosophies because your shirt revealed what yours are. Clothing is the first thing that many people see so you want your t-shirt to be a reflection of you and look great on you so you can give them a reason to talk to you and get the relationship growing. So take your time in choosing your t-shirt so you have the right one that lets others know that you are confident and you will attract others.

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