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How to Care for Wool Clothing


Wool clothing can keep you warm and look great all at the same time. If you want your wool clothing to last for a while it is important to know how to care for them. While not as easy to care for as your everyday garments, the care of wool clothing is not all that hard so long as you go about it in the proper manner.

Here are some tips that will help you to properly care for your wool clothing and ensure that they will look great for years to come:

•    Fuzz balls: The one thing about wool clothing is that it can and does develop all sorts of little fuzz balls that can make it look terrible. You can try to brush these fuzz balls away with a lint brush or pick at them if you are totally bored but there is an even easier way to deal with them. They now sell a ‘de-fuzzing’ hand-held machine that was created especially to deal with these little pests. They are not expensive at all and obtaining one and using it regularly will keep your woolens looking their best.
•    Cleaning: Most wool clothing is dry-clean only, but you can wash these articles of clothing by hand. The key is to be gentle and always towel and air dry only. Never use a dryer and wash one article of clothing at a time.
•    Hanging up: If you have a nice wool sweater, take care of it when hanging it up. Use a hanger that has padded sides and be sure that you place that sweater inside a garment bag that zips up. You should use a fabric garment bag so that the wool has a chance to breath as opposed to a plastic garment bag which will not allow for any breathability.
•    Storage: When it simply becomes too hot to wear your wool garments you will want to store them. The big thing with wool is that there are insects that just love it and will ruin your favorite woolens if given a chance. This can be combated with cedar. The perfect place to store your woolens is in a cedar chest. If you don’t have a cedar chest then get a plastic container with a lid that hold tight and place your woolens in the container with a mess back that is full of cedar chips. Once it is time to again wear your wool clothes, you will want to take out the clothing and allow it to air out for a couple of days to avoid smelling like you just walked out of a forest.
•    Before you put it on: Before you even put on your woolens you can help care for them by observing a few simple rules. Never apply make-up, hair spray, or colognes and perfumes while wearing your woolens as these things can cause nasty stains. Apply and let all of these things dry completely before you dress in your favorite wool clothes.

Caring for wool is a bit more time consuming than other articles of clothing you own, but when properly cared for you will enjoy them for many seasons to come.

Hats and caps

How to Store Hats and Caps

Hats and caps

For every hat or cap that you own there is a time and a place to wear them. Sometimes you may only wear a certain ball cap a couple of times a year and other hats you may wear on a rather frequent basis. Perhaps you have a fancy fedora or cowboy hat you like to wear when you go out. Whatever the case may be what is equally as important about when and where you wear your hats and caps is what you do with them when you are not wearing them and instead are storing them.

Of course how you actually store a hat or cap will depend largely on the type of hat or cap you have and you can always just leave your hats lying around the house, but there are several ways to easily store your hats and caps that will keep the homestead looking ship-shape. Here are some of those ways:

•    Hat boxes: This of course is only going to apply to your fancier hats. Top hats, fedoras, cowboy hats, etc. There a number of hat boxes that can be obtained that are not too expensive and will be worth every penny you spend as they will keep your fancier hats from being harmed in any way. The nice thing about hat boxes is that if you have more than one you can easily stack them on the top self of your closet and they will then be out of the way and take up less space.
•    Hanging hat racks: If you have a lot of ball caps you can display them and keep them neat all at the same time. This is accomplished with a hat rack that you hang on the wall. This type of hat rack will usually be made of wood and will have several pegs that protrude out so that you can hang the caps from them. These types of hat racks are great because you can get one for each individual in the house and put them in their rooms. You would be surprised at how much clutter a dozen ball caps can create. Get them up off the floors and off the dressers with a hanging wall mounted hat rack.
•    Over the door hat rack: This is another great space saver. These types of hat racks usually have two hooks on the top that allow it to hang on any bedroom door. The hooks will lay flush with the top of the door which will allow the door to open and close as normal with no interference. These types of racks are usually made of plastic and are meant for more storage than they are display. But if you or someone in your house has a huge collection of ball caps then this is the ideal solution for you.

While your hats and caps may look good on your head when you are wearing them, they do not look good when scattered around your home. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to store your hats and caps that will keep your house looking tidy.

Underwear drawer

How To Organize An Underwear Drawer

Underwear drawer

It’s time to get dressed. It’s a cold day, you’ve just showered, and the first stop is the underwear drawer. Then it hits you. You see a drawer or drawers full of underwear, sometimes so full the drawer can’t be closed. Different colors and fabrics are sticking out of the drawer in all directions while you stand there, shivering, trying to find something to wear. If this scenario sounds familiar then you need to organize your underwear drawer.

The first step is to dump out the drawer containing your underwear onto a bed. It’ll be quite a pile but don’t worry as there will be a method to attack this madness. Whether you’re a man or woman, think about categories and which piece of fabric fits best into a particular category. Some category ideas might include boxers, briefs, panties and sports bras.

One way to begin organizing is to examine each piece of clothing. Try it on. Does it still fit? Is it something that can be worn in the future? If not throw it out. Whittle down to what you actually use. The next step is to separate garments into two categories, work and non-work. For men these categories might blur and not take much thought but women might have more sub-categories such as work and non work bras, full coverage underwear, boy-cut styles, or thongs depending on the degree of coverage and the look that’s needed. Organizing by color is also another popular way to go.

Have different boxes and containers for different types of underwear. G-strings could be in one container while boxer briefs are in another. You may want to line the containers first with self-adhesive tape. Lining a container protects soft fabrics and increases their longevity. Remove the lids to the containers and place the entire container in the drawer.
Containers come in all types as well. If you’d like to place all undergarments of one type together in one container then that is a fine solution. Also available, however, are drawer separator options that allow you to actually place one piece of underwear in its own cubicle area. Some are spring-loaded which will enable you to conserve more space than ever by helping you minimize the space per garment.

How you place the garments in these containers is up to you. Folding is an option. This can keep your garments in good shape and increase your available space. To save space consider storing underwear one layer deep. This is also helpful in minimizing the time it takes to search for something you want. Bras can be folded one cup into another while certain very sensitive pieces, like delicate lingerie, might need to actually be hung up so details like lace won’t get damaged. If folding or hanging is not for you and too tedious, there’s nothing wrong with simply rolling your underwear into a ball and throwing them into the containers.

There are endless ways to organize an underwear drawer. As personal as underwear is, so are the ways they can be organized. No matter how you do it, just keep in mind that you’ll want easy access to what you’ll need.

Rolling T-Shirts To Save Space When Packing

One of the biggest challenges when doing any type of travelling is packing your suitcase. In fact, properly packing is practically an art form. Many seasoned travelers have their own pattern of packing down to a system that they either love and totally rely on or are continually looking to improve upon.

Anytime you are packing, space is a premium. It’s always easier to find extra things to bring along or even to use smaller luggage if you pack efficiently enough and have extra space, but more often than not, the opposite is true. You pick out the things you want to pack and begin putting them in a suitcase only to find that you run out of space and need to remove things or move to a bigger bag or additional bags to accommodate all the original items. Luckily there are techniques that will help you to save space while packing, so you can get the most in your luggage and be ready for anything.

The absolute best space saving tip when packing is to roll your T-shirts, and other clothing too, before placing them in the suitcase. By folding the sleeves inward and then rolling the T-shirt into a tight cylinder you will find that you can fit tons of T-shirts in your luggage. Rolled T-shirts also make it easy to see at a glance which shirts you have on hand. They can all be placed side by side, so when you are putting together an outfit, it is easy to grab the right color. You’ll never again have to search through stacks of folded T-shirts searching for the one you need.

Another bonus which comes from rolling T-shirts for packing is that it reduces wrinkling. Rolled T-shirts stay looking good and don’t form the creases and wrinkles that folded ones do, while in a suitcase. This means you can just pull a T-shirt out of your bag, put it on and go. You don’t have to worry about taking the extra time to iron it.

T-shirts are an absolute lifesaver when travelling. They travel easily, are absorbent and comfortable. They are easily washed and require very little in extra care. They can be mixed and matched for a variety of different looks. You can dress T-shirts up for a special event. They are also perfectly suitable for the most casual of times, when working out or even for sleeping. Make sure that when you travel you carry a good selection of T-shirts with you.