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Amy Winehouse

How to Dress Like Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse has a unique style that takes retro elements and chic casual pieces and turns them into a signature style that is all her own. If you want to dress like Amy Winehouse, get into the spirit by teasing your hair upward into a bouffant hairdo and paint on some cat-eye eyeliner. Then, look for pieces that fit into the casual 50’s rocker look that Amy Winehouse has made famous.


Most of the time, Amy Winehouse wears sleeveless t-shirts or tank tops that show off her slender frame. While she favors black, ribbed shirts, she also wears a white tank top regularly. Often, her tank top is short, revealing some of her midriff. Sometimes she ties up one side of the shirt to make it shorter. This gives her an interesting, asymmetrical look that goes well with her retro style.
When Amy Winehouse wears shorts, she sometimes pairs a simple polo shirt with them. While black is her perennial favorite color for clothing, she also wears pastel colors, red and blue polo shirts for a simple casual look in warm weather.


Amy Winehouse is usually seen wearing skinny jeans. In her large collection of skinny jeans, she has colors all over the rainbow. She is seen in medium and dark blue jeans sometimes, but she also wears light blue and pastel jeans. She has also been seen in white jeans on occasion. When she’s performing, she often chooses to wear black jeans as part of her stage outfit.


In the warmer months, Amy Winehouse is a definite fan of short shorts. She loves to wear casual white and off-white shorts during the spring and summer, and she always makes them look unique and interesting by pairing them with offbeat shoes, tops and accessories. She will occasionally wear longer shorts, always pairing them with a small tank top to offset the long length of the shorts.


If you’ve ever seen a picture of Amy Winehouse out on the town, you’ve seen the ballerina flats. She practically lives in ballerina flats, wearing them for all occasions and with all outfits. Sometimes they look dirty, sometimes they look like they should be retired, but she sticks with them for their comfort and unique style. In the summer, she sometimes goes barefoot when it suits her.  Amy Winehouse rarely wears dressy shoes or ones with a high heel. When she does opt for high heels, they are retro-style heels with an open toe. She has worn black and white striped heels a few times.


No matter what she has on, Amy Winehouse usually wears a belt to tie the outfit together. She wears a belt with shorts, skirts and jeans of all types. Usually, her belts are metallic in color. She likes to wear long, silver or copper belts and to leave the unused length of the belt hanging down in the front. This gives her clothes a casual look that is accessorized nicely without ever looking too formal.