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How to Dress for a Retail Shop Job Interview

When going for a retail job interview, the way you dress says almost as much about you as your resume. The outfit that you choose and the way you wear it can say a lot about your attention to detail, the way that you present yourself to the world and how interested you are in the way others see you. All of these qualities are extremely important when dealing with the public each day when you work in a retail environment.

Dressing Conservatively

This first impression will be the last impression if you don’t project the right image. For most retail jobs, you will have to dress conservatively. This is particularly important when you are at the job interview. The boss will want to see that you are comfortable dressing in a conservative manner. The public that you will have to deal with may include men, women and children and you will not want to cause offense to any of those groups.

Many bosses will not hire someone if they think that they may come to work dressed too provocatively or in a way that will tarnish the image of the store. Wear a dressy pair of pants with a button-up shirt or a skirt that comes below the knee along with a nice, simple blouse. Adding a matching jacket to the outfit is perfect if you have one.

If you are interviewing for a retail management position, you will need to wear a suit or a very dressy skirt, blouse and jacket combination. Any type of management position interview should also find you with a nice briefcase or portfolio to accessorize your outfit. This will hold your resume and any other information needed. Don’t wear a backpack or carry a large purse for your papers.

Preparing Your Outfit

Your clothes don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to be in the best condition possible. Look over your chosen outfit carefully and make sure there are no frayed edges or small holes that can ruin the effect of the outfit. You should also iron most fabrics the night before to ensure that they look their best. Pair the best pair of shoes that you can with the outfit to give it a polished look. Conservative leather shoes work best with most dressy outfits.

Choosing Your Colors

Choose a neutral color that won’t call too much attention to your outfit. You want your future employer to notice you and to hear you talk about your experience and your attitude toward retail sales rather than staring at your outfit. Don’t choose loud prints for any part of your outfit. If you choose a print, choose a pattern with small, thin stripes.

Choosing tan or navy blue is always a good, conservative choice. It isn’t hard to find items to coordinate with these colors and they are easy to keep looking clean. They always look conservative and they will give you a good chance of making the right impression during your interview.