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Carrie Underwood

How to Dress Like Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s style has evolved over the years, but she still retains a personal style that is fun and energetic and a fashion inspiration to all her fans. The young star wears both flirty, feminine clothes and more masculine, Western-themed clothes.

Stage Clothes

When she’s onstage, Carrie Underwood well remembers her country roots. She loves to wear Western-themed shirts and jeans when she’s performing. To get her typical stage look, try a pair of boot-cut, dark blue jeans and pair them with a black button-up shirt that has white piping. In an outfit like that, there can be little doubt that Carrie was the inspiration.


Much of Carrie’s wardrobe is made up of dresses of all types. She likes to wear dresses that are both plain and elaborate. When she’s on stage, she sometimes wears elaborate, sparkly dresses with plenty of sequins and flowers on them. To get this look, find a dress that has lots of adornments, bows and something that will make the dress sparkle. She likes stage dresses that have ruffles at the bottom and interesting waistline details.

When she’s going to an event, Carrie Underwood often wears a more understated dress. Many of her dresses are white dresses with deep v-necks. She often wears metallic shoes with her white dresses. To capture this look, wear a white dress that drapes well and comes down below the knee. Wear it with a pair of bright, metallic high heels in either silver or gold. She chooses strappy high-heeled shoes with very thin, high heels.


The biggest indicator that an outfit is in Carrie’s style is in its feminine details. You can make any outfit look more like one of hers by adding a few feminine details. Take a look at the hem of any dress or skirt. If a line of ruffles, lace or bows can be added to the hemline that can transform that piece into something that Carrie would wear. If they won’t work at the hemline, consider adding them around the waist or at the seam.

The same detailing can be done with a top to make it into something that evokes the style of Carrie Underwood. She has many tops that are decorated with sparkling broaches and tiny belts with sparkles and feminine colors. If you can add frills to a top, it will definitely make it work better as a Carrie Underwood-style shirt. She likes shirts that have plenty of detail, so the more the better.
Tops and Outerwear

Carrie wears a lot of coats and jackets, all in long styles that have dramatic colors. With darker-colored outfits, she wears black coats that are knee-length or longer. But just like her other wardrobe pieces, she prefers ones that are feminine in style. Add a broach or a sparkly belt to your coat or jacket to make it look a little more girlie to get her style. A well-tailored jacket with a ruffled collar is a perfect way to enhance your Carrie Underwood look.