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Show off New Dad Pride with a Custom T-Shirt

New dad 1Being a new dad is like opening a Christmas present and then a large bill to pay for it. The excitement and joy is almost unbearable, but the reality of what lies ahead hits you like a ton of bricks. Concentrating on the joy part is obviously what you should do most of the time.

The moment that little one is brought home from the hospital, you start taking on new roles. You might start having to get up in the middle of the night to help with feedings and soothing. Or perhaps you have taken on diaper duty, something to be proud of.  You might want to show your pride to everyone you know.

Wearing a custom t-shirt is a great way to show your pride. Your new shirt can just say, “new daddy” or “rookie dad“. You can add a smiley graphic or a cute baby smiling or even screaming. If you are particularly proud of your achievement in being by your woman’s side during labor, your shirt can state, “Dad survived delivery” with a picture of a baby girl or boy or “I survived the delivery room and all I got was this shirt…oh yeah, and a baby”.

If you are the diaper changing man, wear it with pride “Daddy’s diaper service, proud to take my turn” or “Baby poops ’em – I change ’em”. Or a cute warning sign with a picture of a baby that says, “New dad changes diaper – avoid loose poop”. Or for a really cute one, a baby holding his diaper up with “My dad knows poop” to refer to several meanings. Or if you don’t appreciate the value of a dirty diaper your shirt can say “DADDY – damn another dirty diaper yuck” with the first letter of the phrase a different color for effect.New dad 2

Late night feedings are inevitable with new babies. A shirt that says, “New dad, point me to the nearest bed” tells others how tired you are. Or simply “new dad needs sleep” with a picture of a cartoon man in pajamas carrying around a baby would do the trick. “New dad – if you wake the baby plan on babysitting” would be effective in letting others know you are sleep deprived and stressed.

If you are just proud of your cute little one and are pretty competitive, a shirt with a kid in a diaper crossing his arms that says, “New dad- my kid can beat up your kid” might work for you. Or “New dad’s boot camp – only the fit survive” with a graphic of a man marching with a baby strapped to his back.

Being a new dad brings more joy to your life than people without kids can imagine. Yes, here are times of stress but overall most men wouldn’t change a thing. Wear your pride for others to see. Design a t-shirt that fits your style and feelings on the blessed event. Then watch as your kids grow up and start dating, that will make you want to wear a shirt that says, “I have kids…does that explain the gray hair?”

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