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Does Chemicals Or Dye On Cotton Rub Off On Your Skin From Your Clothes?

Cotton is the most popular natural fabric. It is used in a variety of different items because it is so versatile and yet so comfortable. However, people are becoming increasingly concerned with keeping themselves away from things that are not completely all natural. There is even a concern about chemicals or dye on cotton rubbing off onto your skin from your clothes. Yet, does it really occur?

Typically you do not have to worry about dye transferring from your clothes to your skin. The only time is tends to is if the dye process was poorly done, as in the case of a very cheap item. Some very bright or dark colors may transfer a small amount of dye if they are not washed before they are first worn. Therefore it is very important to wash new clothes before wearing them.

Chemicals can and do transfer from cotton to your skin. Skin irritations and allergies are proof that chemicals transfer from cotton to your skin. Those who have sensitivities to certain soaps and fabric softeners suffer from breakouts and irritations when their cotton clothes is washed using these products because the chemicals that bother them rub off on their skin. Some people also find their skin is irritated if they wear a new item of clothing before washing it. This is typically because of some residual chemical used during production and another good reason to wash new clothes before wearing them.

Luckily there are several options that you have, if you are concerned about chemicals or dye rubbing off on your skin from your clothes. First, be sure to wash all new items before wearing them. Second, wash them using a mild and pure soap that is low in chemicals and does not have any additives like dyes, perfumes or fabric softeners. Third, do not use bleach on your clothes, it is a very harsh chemical and can be very irritating. Fourth, stop using fabric softener, because the way it makes clothes soft and static free is by coating the fibers of the material in chemicals.

If you truly want to avoid chemicals and dye in your cotton clothes, you can always opt for organic cotton as an excellent alternative. This type of cotton is grown without pesticides and other chemicals. It even grows in different naturally occurring colors and therefore you can get a variety of colors without the use of dyes at all.

If chemicals and dyes on your cotton clothes concern you, replace your T-shirt wardrobe with a variety of custom-made organic cotton T-shirts. You don’t need to give up cute tees in great designs and styles just because you are choosing organic. You can choose the natural colors you want in the styles you want. Then you can choose to have anything you want printed on the custom tees. You can flaunt the fact that you have chosen an organic tee, support a cause, make a clever remark or a silly one. The choice of how to personalize a T-shirt is endless.

Get your custom-made organic cotton T-shirts today and never again worry about the chemicals and dyes from regular cotton.

Are People Allergic To Cotton And Cotton T-Shirts?

Allergies are becoming more and more prevalent in our world today. People suffer not just from seasonal allergies and allergies to things like dust, mold and pet dander, but from a variety of other allergies too. More and more people are being diagnosed with allergies to seafood, nuts, chemicals, textiles, plants, fruit, food additives, dyes and much, much more. There have even been cases where people are found to be allergic to cotton, including the much-loved and popular cotton T-shirt.

Surprisingly, you can definitely be allergic to all-natural things, like cotton, as many typical allergies prove. There is nothing more natural than shellfish, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, corn, oak trees, grass and many other things that people are allergic to. However, in terms of textiles, it is more commonly the synthetic ones that tend to create allergies in people. More often than not, using cotton as a replacement for these textiles is the recommended treatment, such as using 100% cotton pillowcases, towels, sheets, socks and T-shirts. In situations where there may be air born particles that may be allergenic, it is often recommended to cover your mouth with a cloth made of 100% cotton. So what happens to those people who are actually allergic to cotton?

If you think you are allergic to cotton, you may want to consider if it is actually cotton or something the cotton has been in contact with at some point. Take a cotton T-shirt for example. It is washed and dried using detergent and some form of fabric softener usually. You may be allergic to one of those or an ingredient in them. Wash and dry your T-shirt using nothing and try wearing it again to see what happens. You could also be allergic to the dye in the shirt or some other chemical it was exposed to during processing or even something applied to the cotton during growing. To find out if this is the case, invest in an organic cotton T-shirt and see how you react to it. In many cases, you will find that by going organic you will have eliminated the irritant that is causing your allergies. If you happen to be of the unlucky few who are actually allergic to pure, organic cotton, you will have a very limited selection of clothing to choose from.

For people with allergies to additives found on everyday cotton, finding T-shirts and other clothes is difficult. However, by choosing to invest in custom-made organic T-shirts from an online retailer, you will make your T-shirt buying a snap. You can get a wide variety of organic cotton T-shirts customized exactly how you want them. You can replace favorite T-shirts that you can no longer wear with organic ones that look just like them. You can have T-shirts made to boast of someone or something you are proud of. T-shirts can be made with information you want to share or just fun designs on them. You can also tell of your favorite causes, places you’ve visited, accomplishments, passions and much more.

Get your custom-made organic T-shirt today and leave all your allergies behind.

Organic Cotton

1,000 New Farms Start Growing Organic Cotton to Meet T-Shirt Demand

Organic Cotton

Wal-Mart purchased 12 million pounds of transitional cotton from 1,000 farmers at the premium organic price to encourage farmers to grow organically and therefore boost the supply. Cotton is transitional when farmers have stopped using traditional techniques and have started organic agricultural methods but have not waited the three years to get formally certified as organic cotton.

With 4,100 stores Wal-Mart needed to encourage growth of the market to supply their stores. The transitional cotton shirts will be marketed under their Faded Glory brand. Buying in such a large bulk allows Wal-Mart to sell the transitional cotton t-shirts between $3.50 and $6.00 which is far less than other t-shirt companies are able to sell. Wal-mart is also selling Coca-Cola t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles. Via PSFK & Reuters

Why Choose Organic T-Shirts?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you know about “going green”. There is a huge movement across this country to change and improve the way we are treating and using our environment. Folks are waking up to the fact that our natural resources are not inexhaustible. Take a walk down the aisles of your local grocery store; you’ll find that there are more and more products available that are “organic”. From potato chips to cereal, consumers can purchase products that are organic–basically meaning that the food crops from which they are derived have not been treated with any chemicals, and have most likely been harvested locally.

Amazingly, the clothing industry is also getting into the mix. Consumers are not only demanding organically-grown foods, they want their clothes and other household goods like towels and sheets to be “organic” as well. There are several companies who sell organic t-shirts. But why should you buy these shirts, as opposed to the traditional t-shirts we are all accustomed to purchasing?

There are several reasons why choosing organic t-shirts is a good idea. First of all, it’s good for the planet. Literally, the earth – the ground you walk on – is improved and protected through the cultivation of organically grown cotton. Traditional cotton farming is the one of the most destructive farming practices there is. Cotton farming uses some of the largest amounts of pesticides of any crop–it’s in second place, in fact–and also uses large amounts of both herbicides and insecticides, many of which are known to be cancer-causing. Cotton crops that are grown organically, however, are farmed using sustainable farming practices and help save the earth. For every 100% cotton organic
t-shirt that is produced, 1/3 lb of pesticides and chemicals stay out of the environment. Taking care of the environment by buying and wearing organic t-shirts is an excellent reason to make the switch to organic clothing.

Another reason to buy and wear organic t-shirts is that, in most cases, the manufacture of these clothing items support fair trade. Most of the clothes we wear today are made in sweat shop conditions in poor, third-world countries. These workers are not paid decent wages, and must work long hours in factories that have no labor, environmental, of safety laws. Buying an organic t-shirt, or 3 or 10, helps provide these workers with a decent income, as well as employment and basic services, like healthcare and education.

Comfort is definitely something we look for when choosing clothes to wear. Organic
t-shirts, which are made of 100% organic, natural cotton, are extremely soft and pleasing to the touch. These shirts are typically non-dyed, and come in the natural color of the cotton itself. While you may not want to wear the same color t-shirt every day of the week, adding even one or two of these t-shirts to your wardrobe is one way you can “go green”. If you’re looking for some color in your organic t-shirts, you may decide to choose one that is made from other organically grown crops that may have natural colors besides the pale cream color of a natural cotton shirt. Some companies not only make t-shirts from organically grown cotton; they use other types of materials as well. For example, hemp, tencel, flax, recycled cotton and soda bottles, spandex blends and organic wool (meaning that the sheep and goats are eating grass that has not been treated by any chemicals) are all different materials that are being used to make organic tees.

As you can see, there are many reasons to pick up an organic t-shirt or two over the traditional variety when it’s time to update your wardrobe. Choose an organic t-shirt, and you will not only be helping your fellow man, but the earth itself.