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Build School Pride with Great Tees

Elementary schools are the first real school that most children attend. Students learn many basic and advanced skills through the dedication of the school’s teachers and staff. Schools are also expected to help the kids build character and pride in their accomplishments. One of the ways schools can help kids show their pride is through custom t-shirts.

T-shirts are a common type of clothing that most kids wear to school. Creating a shirt for the school is actually a great idea since most kids wear t-shirts often anyway that it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect the students to wear it. The entire school can have the same design on their shirts. The shirt can be one of the school’s colors and the printing can be another. Having the name of the school, the year, a motto and the mascot are all things that can be put onto the shirt to create a school wide t-shirt.

Individual grades can also have t-shirts. The oldest grade can have a shirt that says, “Big kids on campus” and the year. They can also have “breaking out in 2008” if they are headed to another campus the next school year. The students can also create a slogan for their grade that they would love to have on a shirt. Adding a graphic of either the school mascot or other school related item like a pencil adds color to the shirt.

Teachers can have their own shirts to show others their passion for teaching. “You can’t scare me I’m a teacher” would be cute or you can personalize it even more and add the grade level or the number of students you have. “3 reasons I like teaching, June, July, August” would be funny. Or you’re shirt can make a statement about the difficult job teachers have. “Teachers can open the door, but it’s your choice whether you walk through it or not” is a very real truth. Another cute shirt is, “I’m a teacher, I get paid to tell you what to do.”

A cute shirt for kids is “homework is evil, it must be stopped.” A picture of a bus with, “Check out my ride” would be really cute on a kids t-shirt. Other cute kids shirts can be simple with “I’m in fifth grade” or whatever grade the child is actually in or “Recess is my favorite subject”. Using the child’s favorite class to create a shirt is a great way to make a personalized t-shirt. Whether you use reading, math, science or even music the shirt should reflect the child’s personality.

Designing a t-shirt is a great way to show your love of a school, a student, or a teacher. The shirt doesn’t have to be fancy, just a simple saying might be enough. If you want to make it more personal, you can add graphics to add uniqueness and dates that can remembered years later. Elementary custom t-shirts are fun to design and fun to wear, so enjoy it.

Top Ten Reasons to Get Custom Tees for Your School

Number 10: Field Trips…Ever been to the zoo or the museum during a weekday? Chances are you’ll see a school group or two on a field trip. It’s easy to identify them; they are usually little knots of kids wearing name tags or matching t-shirts. This is one of the top ten reasons that people get custom designed t-shirts for kids.

Number 9: Safety Patrols…Remember the safety patrols? You might have even been one. That bright yellow or orange belt and crossing guard flag were the emblems of school safety. That shiny silver badge showed all the other kids that YOU were in charge of the halls. Back in the day, patrols wore plain white shirts and dark pants. Today, fashion has taken over. Some patrol groups wear school uniforms with their names and job titles embroidered on the chest. But why not custom tees? Patrols could even design their own, and show their pride in their job at the same time.

Number 8: Band Geeks…These guys love to blow their own horn, and why not prove it with a great custom tee as well? Possibilities for these school t-shirts are nearly endless; graphics of the instrument a kids plays, name of the band, the school colors with some music notes, the name of the half time show, the list goes on and on. Band boosters, the parents who help support the band can also have matching custom-designed tees identifying their place in the organization.

Number 7: Club Tees…For all the kids in all the different clubs, having a custom tee is the way to go. It will easily identify who’s who and what’s what with a t-shirt that shows the student’s favorite club on campus.

Number 6: Athletic Tees…OK, while this one may seem obvious, it’s necessary to give it a nod on the top ten list. Playing a sport is all about being part of a team, and what contributes more to that feeling than wearing the same shirt as your quarterback or pitcher? Custom designing a t-shirt for the school’s basketball team, for example, is a good way to draw everyone together.

Number 5: Class Designs…Kids love to draw and paint, and for the more adventurous teachers, kids can draw and paint and then have the artwork printed right on their clothes! Doing a special Christmas design, say, can help the students make a great gift for grandpa.

Number 4: Teachers…Yes, even teachers can wear custom-designed t-shirts. Many schools have “Casual Friday”, and it’s a great opportunity for the teachers to band together and wear tees that show that they are committed to their school. They can be designed with the school seal or mascot and handed out during pre-planning at the beginning of the school year.

Number 3: Graduation…Graduation from high school is filled with special events and happenings. Why not have a t-shirt that commemorates this special time of a student’s school career? Emblazoned with the school song, and perhaps everyone’s name in the senior class, it is a shirt that everyone will treasure.

Number 2: PTA Members…Having the members of the PTA decked out in matching tees is a great idea, especially for PTA-sponsored events like Science Night or the Fall Festival. This makes them easily identifiable to anyone who may need their assistance.

Number 1: Drum Roll, please…….Fund-Raisers! The best reason to have custom-designed t-shirts for schools is so you can sell them for fund-raisers! Each year, students could submit different designs for a contest, and then the winner’s designs can be printed up on a tee. It could then be sold to benefit the school–the patrols, the football team, the library, etc…

Any way you look at it, there are tons of great reasons to get custom-designed t-shirts for your school!

Why Create Custom School Class T-Shirts?

One great way to solidify your class spirit is to design and order custom-made t-shirts for your class. T-shirts are an inexpensive and memorable way to get creative and bond your class together. Whether you make t-shirts for the entire class, or just for a few of your friends, wearing them can help you show your spirit and bond with others at the same time.

Say your school is having a spirit week. What better way to cheer yourselves on than with t-shirts proclaiming your pride? In a school of four or more grade levels, you can make yourselves stand out immediately by walking the halls in your matching t-shirts. Giving your classmates a basic uniform-type outfit to wear during spirit week (such as your custom-made t-shirts with a pair of khakis or jeans) will help boost their excitement and inspire their competitive spirit. The t-shirts make the week even more special.

You could also make class t-shirts for incoming freshman. Handing out custom t-shirts to incoming students shows the school is excited to receive them, and gives them a sense of the solidarity of the group right away. It is important for each class to have its own identity, and you can help by giving the new class that gift as they walk into school for the first time.Another great time for t-shirts would be during a time of high stress, like exam week. With everyone worried and tired, studying for finals or midterms, why not lighten the mood by creating exam time t-shirts for everyone in your class? You can put jokes on the t-shirts about each teacher, perhaps ranking the tests in order of how much people dread each one. These t-shirts could help put things in perspective for students who are feeling at the end of their rope. It will remind them that everyone else is going through it, too, and that the world will go on, even after exam week.

Along the same lines, class t-shirts can be great unifiers in times of crisis or trial. If, in the worst case scenario, something happens to one of your classmates or teachers, you can make t-shirts to show your support and solidarity. Matching t-shirts with a message can give people a surprising amount of strength during a hard time. Like with the exam week t-shirts, they will help show unity and persistence.

Or perhaps a major issue in your school or community is putting your class under pressure. Issues like funding, teachers, and extra-curriculars are always important to students. If there is a cause that you and your classmates believe is important, you can make your voices heard by wearing t-shirts stating your views or your support.

Class t-shirts also make great mementos. Years down the line, you will take your class t-shirt out of the closet and remember the times you had with your classmates, good and bad, during your formative years. Give your class the gift of preserving time, if only in the smallest sense.

Student Election Campaign T-Shirts

You’ve decided to run for student council vice president. You are qualified, with experience leading groups, keeping track of money, and brainstorming ideas for improvement. You have already been in student council without holding office for two years, and your record is solid. You have helped out a lot and taken on more responsibility each year. Your close classmates and fellow student council members think you would do a great job in the office if you win.

But you need more votes than just those of your closest allies. You need the majority of the student body to vote for you. This includes all kinds of people who don’t know you, and who couldn’t care less about what kind of job you will do if elected. Imagine, for the sake of argument, that they are all being forced to vote in their homeroom classes, so the amount of people voting is a lot bigger than the amount of people voting who actually know you.

You can’t rely on word of mouth in a campaign like this. You need ways to get your name out to the entire student body. Think of it as an advertising campaign: you need people to remember the product, and the product is you. Even if they don’t care about you or the job you’ll be doing, they need to remember your name so that when they see the ballot they will circle your name—because it’s the one they recognize.

A great way to get people to remember you—to really get yourself engrained in their memories—is by offering a visual. That’s why billboards are so popular, and why advertising companies so often put memorable or strange images in their commercials or print ads. People remember pictures and simple slogans.

So what can you do? Everyone will be putting up posters. What can you do to go a step beyond?

How about making t-shirts? T-shirts will make anyone who is wearing them a walking billboard, a walking advertisement for your candidacy. You don’t need to put too much information on the t-shirts—just your name, the office you’re running for, and maybe the date of the election. Other than that, think of the t-shirts as a way to sell yourself to total strangers. It would be great to include a solid reason to vote for you—believe it or not, there are people in the school who care about who ends up being student council vice president. But mostly you want to have a memorable image (say a giant picture of your face), and a clever slogan that, ideally, includes your name. Your name is, after all, what’s going to be on the actual ballot.

Once you’ve designed the t-shirts, distribute them to your friends and supporters. Try to get them to people who have different types of schedules, classes, and activities. That way you can reach more people. You could also hand out free t-shirts at lunchtime or on breaks. Just get the image of you and your name out their, so on voting day, people will remember you and smile—and circle your name!

School T-shirts – Custom Shirts for your Student Club or Organization

If you are in a student club or organization—anything from a sports team that already gets a lot of attention, to a new, small club you started with a couple friends—chances are you’d like to recruit new members and supporters. You’d also like to keep your current members excited about the club. What better way to achieve these goals than by creating some custom-made t-shirts to give to your club’s members?

Here are some possible clubs that could benefit from custom-made t-shirts:

Foreign Language Club (Spanish, Latin, French, Japanese, German, etc.), Chess Club, Key Club, 4-H, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Show Choir, Drama Club, Art Club, Environmental Action Club, School Newspaper, School Yearbook, Sports Teams (Swim Team, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, etc.), Student Council, Literary Magazine, Film Club, Prom Committee, Student Committee to Promote Respect, Poetry Club, Knitting Club, Sororities and Fraternities.

There are so many types of clubs and groups and organizations in every school that it’s often hard to even remember them all. If you remember when you first started school, you’ll recall how hard it was to keep all the clubs straight, and how much you wanted to find the right ones to be a part of yourself. Why not make the choice easier for incoming students by highlighting your club or organization on a t-shirt?

The beginning of the year is a great time to wear recruiting t-shirts. Clubs have all kinds of ways of recruiting and accepting people. Some will open their doors to anyone. For these clubs, make t-shirts that have some specific information about what your club does, and maybe who might want to join. Put this information on the back so people can read it in the hallways or sitting behind you in class. If your club is higher profile and has a selection process, like try-outs, auditions, or an application, then you can probably afford to put less information on your t-shirts. You can probably safely assume that people coming out for your club know enough about it already to submit themselves to a selection process. You just need to advertise the name of the club and the date that people need to sign up for try-outs, for instance.

Throughout the year, you may want t-shirts to boost the spirit of the club, or to advertise upcoming events. Having matching t-shirts is always fun, and you can then determine which days you will all wear your shirts, which is a fun group activity that takes the bond between your members a little further. It also may help recruitment next year, for other students to see your members walking proudly in their club t-shirts. If you have a special event or fundraiser coming up, t-shirts are a great way to get the word out, and to provoke questions from people who are curious about your group.

You can also get t-shirts to celebrate a victory or milestone for your group: a win in a special competition, an amount of money raised, an anniversary, or a welcoming of new members. It’s a great idea to design several t-shirts for each year. Any club that goes to the trouble to design t-shirts is an appealing club to be in.

Ideas for Creating School Reunion T-Shirts

Organizing a class reunion? For your five, ten, twenty, or fiftieth class reunions—and all the ones in between—you gather together with former classmates. These are people you haven’t seen in years, and you may be anxious about the event. You want it to go off well—to be a great party, and also a great chance to catch up and share life stories.

Trying to think of some way to tie the whole thing together? Some way to start the reunion off on the right foot? Some way to send everyone home at the end with a token of the time you’ve spent together? Are you working on a budget?

One great, affordable idea for class reunions is to order custom t-shirts for the event. Whether you are planning a reunion for high school, college, trade school, or any other type of group learning experience (summer camp, dance school, etc.), you can surprise the guests with matching t-shirts to commemorate the occasion in the future.

If you’ve got a big class, you probably want to make the t-shirts matching—trying to personalize t-shirts for 200 people might be too much of a headache to think about! So, for a large group, think about unifying phrases and images that you could include on the t-shirts. What would grab everyone’s attention and jog everyone’s memories? The standard “Class of 2008” is always a great thing to include on the t-shirt. You also should include the name of the school, and perhaps the date and location of the reunion. Think about the t-shirt as an entry into a diary, or a scrapbook. Include information that will remind the wearers of the reunion—and maybe even his or her time at school—whenever they wear it in the future. You could include school mascots, quotes, song lyrics, or perhaps facts about the years you were in school together: what was happening in 1978? What were the current events, who was the president, what were the popular movies and songs? These are things that can remind the reuniting class of things that bound them together back in school, and now bind them together now as shared memories.

If the class is smaller, you can have some fun with personalizing the t-shirts, either for individuals or groups. One idea is to keep the fronts of the t-shirts uniform—this way, there is a common thread running through the reunion for everyone who’s wearing them. On the other hand, though, you could perhaps personalize the front of the t-shirts and use them as nametags, with each person’s name on the front of their shirt so everyone knows who they are. Consider putting the last name of each guest on the back of the t-shirt, as if it were a sports jersey. A funny idea for the fronts or backs of the t-shirts would be to include each person’s yearbook picture from the graduating year. Potentially embarrassing: but what reunion isn’t?

Having t-shirts as party favors for your class reunion is a great way to start the event off with a laugh, and to unify your classmates as they reminisce and reconnect.

Spread the Drama with a Custom T-Shirt

Advertising is expensive, plain and simple. Still, if you’ve got an event to organize and sell, then you’ll definitely be in need of a solid advertising strategy. You need a dependable way to get the word out on the street. The best type of advertising is the kind that moves through audiences in different areas. You want a moving target, so to speak; something that makes itself available to a wide audience. This way, the word gets spread everywhere. Custom t-shirts are cheap, effective advertising strategies that do just that.

Theater productions can really benefit from the advertisement custom t-shirts provide. To get the community hyped about an upcoming performance, be sure to sell t-shirts before, during and after the shows. With people wearing the shirts, you’ll ensure that anyone who sees them will be exposed to the play. In short, what this amounts to is free advertising.

• Design–From Shakespeare to Show Tunes, you’ll have no trouble getting a design or graphic that perfectly fits your needs. There are thousands of pre-dawn selections to choose from. Any custom t-shirt company will provide the customers with these choices. And if none of these are to your liking, there’s always the option of creating your own design and sending it to the company for mass print.
• Style–There is also name brand styling available in shirt design. For example, the make of the shirt can be long sleeved, three quarter sleeved, or short sleeved. The apparel does not have to be strictly a traditional t-shirt. There are several different styles available for selection and this often appeals to a more diverse crowd when on display for sale. In the situation of the theater looking to advertise, it might be best to try and appeal to as many people as possible.
• Financing–Usually, people charge a heap of money for advertising opportunities. Taking an ad out in a local high school magazine also requires taking out a loan. Not so with custom t-shirts. There are a number of companies in the t-shirt business, all trying to appeal to your interests. They mass produce the product you need for a reasonable price and the competition for your business plays to your advantage. Usually, there is a minimum number of t-shirts that must be purchased when you order. Other than that, custom t-shirts are an inexpensive, personally crafted answer to any advertising needs.

In addition to their advertising appeal, these t-shirts are also a great way to commemorate a successful production. When you think of all the time, effort, and manpower that go into a theater production, it makes sense to provide some sort of memory for those involved. Custom t-shirts can be bought en masse and distributed to cast and crew alike. The t-shirt will always represent the remembrance of the production to the person that wears it. Each production has its own uniqueness and the t-shirt in honor of the production can be a vital part of the memory.