Spread the Drama with a Custom T-Shirt

Advertising is expensive, plain and simple. Still, if you’ve got an event to organize and sell, then you’ll definitely be in need of a solid advertising strategy. You need a dependable way to get the word out on the street. The best type of advertising is the kind that moves through audiences in different areas. You want a moving target, so to speak; something that makes itself available to a wide audience. This way, the word gets spread everywhere. Custom t-shirts are cheap, effective advertising strategies that do just that.

Theater productions can really benefit from the advertisement custom t-shirts provide. To get the community hyped about an upcoming performance, be sure to sell t-shirts before, during and after the shows. With people wearing the shirts, you’ll ensure that anyone who sees them will be exposed to the play. In short, what this amounts to is free advertising.

• Design–From Shakespeare to Show Tunes, you’ll have no trouble getting a design or graphic that perfectly fits your needs. There are thousands of pre-dawn selections to choose from. Any custom t-shirt company will provide the customers with these choices. And if none of these are to your liking, there’s always the option of creating your own design and sending it to the company for mass print.
• Style–There is also name brand styling available in shirt design. For example, the make of the shirt can be long sleeved, three quarter sleeved, or short sleeved. The apparel does not have to be strictly a traditional t-shirt. There are several different styles available for selection and this often appeals to a more diverse crowd when on display for sale. In the situation of the theater looking to advertise, it might be best to try and appeal to as many people as possible.
• Financing–Usually, people charge a heap of money for advertising opportunities. Taking an ad out in a local high school magazine also requires taking out a loan. Not so with custom t-shirts. There are a number of companies in the t-shirt business, all trying to appeal to your interests. They mass produce the product you need for a reasonable price and the competition for your business plays to your advantage. Usually, there is a minimum number of t-shirts that must be purchased when you order. Other than that, custom t-shirts are an inexpensive, personally crafted answer to any advertising needs.

In addition to their advertising appeal, these t-shirts are also a great way to commemorate a successful production. When you think of all the time, effort, and manpower that go into a theater production, it makes sense to provide some sort of memory for those involved. Custom t-shirts can be bought en masse and distributed to cast and crew alike. The t-shirt will always represent the remembrance of the production to the person that wears it. Each production has its own uniqueness and the t-shirt in honor of the production can be a vital part of the memory.

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