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How to Dress Like Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the ultimate soccer mom, who also happens to be a fashion icon, socialite, well-known singer and wife of probably the world’s best soccer star. Victoria Beckham is constantly photographed and her style commented on and documented as many strive to emulate her look. She is always on the cutting edge of style, but can also afford to be. Posh, as she is known, loves nothing but the best.

A big part of the Victoria Beckham style is her eye catching accessories. Rarely without ultra dark, oversized sunglasses, they are a trademark to her style. The large Birkin bag also adds to the Victoria signature. Very high heels are a part of almost every look she puts together. Her love of style has even led her to creating her own clothing line called The Victoria Beckham Collection. The dresses in her line are very much designed for a woman’s body and you must have a great figure to be able to pull them off. She also has a line of sunglasses, jewelry, perfume, handbags and had a line of jeans several years back.

For those with a very deep pocket, dressing like Victoria Beckham could be relatively easy to do. Practically all her looks are by big name designers with a high price ticket. Even her favorite accessory is a Birkin bag, which is extremely hard to get and expensive when you can get one. Therefore, for most people, imitating the Victoria Beckham look will mean wearing a lot of fashion knockoffs.

A good suggestion for anyone who seriously wants to dress like Victoria Beckham is to invest in a copy of the book she wrote on fashion advice entitled “That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between.” It will help you greatly in your quest to dress like the style icon.

The type of clothes you will need to wear most if you are looking to dress like Victoria Beckham are those that show off your appendages. Short skirts, sleeveless tops and dresses show off Victoria’s muscled body. She wears quite a bit of black but does not shy away from bright color also, having been photographed often in yellow, bright pink, purple and other colors. Almost every outfit she wears is either entirely black or another color matched with black. She is not one to indulge in prints and on the occasions that there are prints in her clothing, they tend to be so subtle that one can barely tell that it is a print.

A great place to start on your quest to dress like Victoria Beckham is to get a selection of custom-made black T-shirts and a few other bright, solid colors to wear with black pants or skirts. Opt for T-shirts that have shorter sleeves, even cap sleeves. However, a tee or two in a ¾ length sleeve is also a Posh style necessity. You will also want to look for boat necklines, scoop necklines and V-necks.