What Celebrities Wear When Going Casual

What Celebrities Wear When Going Casual

When you’re a celebrity, what you wear is constantly being photographed, commented on, analyzed, praised and derided. It just comes with the territory. Whether or not we realize it, celebrities have a big influence on the styles and brands the general public ultimately wears. While most people don’t recognize the names of the fashion industry’s latest hot designers and pay no attention to the runway shows, a much larger percentage will recognize Hollywood’s big stars and the fashion trends they have made famous. Celebrities, not designers, have become our fashion inspirations.

The link between fashion and celebrities has become so strong that many celebrities now endorse their own clothing lines. A prime example is rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs, who used his musical fame and bad-boy persona to jump-start his own line of clothing and accessories for men and boys. The Sean John label has become widely popular, and includes suits, knitwear, bottoms, outerwear, leather accessories, ties, hats and denim.

While some celebrities are best known for their spectacular “red carpet” fashions, others have a more casual, approachable fashion sense. While still a cut above something you’d find at Target (especially when it comes to the price tag), their styles are the kind that the average Joe or Jane would wear when walking the dog or reading a good book at home. Here are some popular celebrities who manage a casual style that’s easy on the eyes and the body.

Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston is a woman who always manages to look fabulous even in the most casual of clothing. Jeans are one of her staples, especially James Jeans paired with a casual t-shirt, sweater or flowy top. Speaking of t-shirts, these are another favorite of hers, in neutral colors or with fun graphics. Jennifer loves flip-flops and is frequently seen wearing toe rings.

Gwyneth Paltrow. While Gwyneth Paltrow is often dressed in designer gowns for awards shows and premieres, she also know how to do a classic laidback style that nearly any woman can imitate. Her Blue Cult jeans have become a favorite, and were so requested by fans that the design was renamed the “Gwyneth” jean. She likes to pair her jeans with a loosely buttoned blouse or fitted tee.

Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson has mastered the art of looking effortlessly casual. Her style encompasses Bohemian looks such as drapey blouses over skinny jeans. For winter weather, tall boots are a Kate favorite.

Cameron Diaz. Beach baby Cameron Diaz always goes for chic ensembles that don’t require a lot of fuss. Cute tees, tank tops, classic jean styles like Joe’s Jeans and comfortable ballerina flats are some of her favorites.

Gwen Stefani. This busy mom does a great job mixing simple, easy wearing clothes such as tank tops and ballet tops with ethnic-inspired pieces. Her eclectic fashion sense has resulted in her own fashion label called L.A.M.B., with original designs that can be worn by celebrities and common folk alike.

Even if you’re not a celebrity, it’s great to know that you can still look great even on days when you’re just headed to the park — and not an awards show!

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