What to Wear in Germany


If you are going to be going to Germany and are wondering what you should wear while you are there, the first question you must answer is what time of the year will you be going. Germany is a country that has four seasons and each season requires you to dress a certain way. To add a wrinkle to the fold the weather will vary from region to reign depending on the altitude.

When preparing your attire for your Germany trip keep these tips in mind about the different seasons:

•    Winter: Germany can be cold and certain parts of Germany can be bitter cold in the winter time. Depending on the region you visit you will more than likely see some snow if visiting in the winter time. It is therefore important that you pack accordingly. You will want to dress in wool slacks for warmth, several layers of top clothing, have heavy socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and boots in case the snow gets deep. Another essential in the winter time is an umbrella or raincoat as it tends to rain a lot in the winter as well as snow.
•    Summer: The weather is warm and also unpredictable in the summer time. It can go from blistering hot to nice and cool so you should think in terms of layers. You will want to wear clothing that is easily added or removed and that will keep you comfortable at all times.
•    Spring and Fall: These are the most unpredictable seasons when it comes to weather. Again think in layers and you should also make sure that your rain gear is with you at all times as this is the rainiest part of the year in Germany. Just as with any other time in Germany be sure that you have a sweater or a jacket handy as you never know when you will need it.

As far as protocol goes it is important to note that Germans tend to dress more on the formal side than most Americans do. When going out to eat you will want to stick with slacks as opposed to jeans. When choosing your colors go with darker colors like grays, browns, and black as the Germans tend to stick to the darker side of the color spectrum. You should also bring a comfortable pair of dress shoes as a pair of white sneakers will immediately out you for the American tourist that you are.

When visiting the German churches and other local spots remember to be respectful. Never wear anything that is too revealing and leave the shorts back at the hotel room. Dressing in a disrespectful manner may have many a German feeling a bit of contempt towards you.

While the weather can be somewhat unpredictable you can check the weather before you go over to Germany and try to plan your trip accordingly. If you should neglect to pack something don’t fear. There are many wonderful little shops all over Germany that will be able to outfit you with whatever it is you need.

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    my granddaughter is attending high school her junior year in Althiem and after talking with her she says the girls wear real pretty blouses with jackets and jeans to school I would like to know just what kind of blouses and colors and what type of blazers or jackets she is talking about so I could purchase some for her or is there a store in Germany I could purchase some from near her I could see on line Thank you for any help you can provide

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