What to Wear to Italy


Italy is a place filled with wonderful cuisine and all the romance you can handle. The country is filled with so much to do you will find it hard to see everything you want the first time there. To get the most out of your trip to Italy you will want to try to dress like the locals. Why? When you blend in you tend to be treated a bit better as nobody likes an ‘annoying tourist.’

Some foreign countries are very strict when it comes to fashion and while Italy is a bit more lenient that most you still have to go about your ‘local look’ in a specific way. Here are some tips to keep you looking more like a local and less like a tourist when going to Italy:

•    Going for casual: Clothing seems to be on the pricey side in Italy and for that reason many who live there only have a limited number of outfits. They supplement this lack of clothing by mixing and matching what they do have to be sure that they are always wearing a fresh look. This is important to keep in mind because an Italian’s idea of casual and an American’s idea of casual are apples and oranges. If you go to Italy and wear your typical jeans, t-shirt, and Red Sox cap you will pegged as a tourist in no time at all. Instead, go for a nice pair of slacks and a lightweight, long sleeved button down shirt.
•    Shorts: Shorts are almost taboo in Italy. If you do see men wearing a pair they will come down to at least their knees. You will never see women wearing shorts unless you are at the beach. If possible just avoid the shorts, but if you feel you must absolutely wear a pair then let the local rules preside.
•    Shoes: One of the most beautiful sights in Italy is the cobble stone streets. As pretty as they are though, they can wreak havoc on your feet. You will want to have a very comfortable pair of shoes with you that have a rather thick sole to help absorb the abuse your feet will get. As far as all the American favorites like mules, flip-flops, cowboy boots, and sneakers, leave them at home because they will do you little good in Italy. A good thing to do is buy your Italian walking shoes a couple of weeks before your trip so you have time to get them broken in. Wear them everywhere you go for the days leading up to your trip as this will ensure the utmost comfort once you do start walking all over the cobblestone of Italy.
•    Wearing cameras: Avoid wearing your cameras around your neck. With technology as good as it is today you can find many small cameras that will take great pictures and fit either in your pocket or your purse. Nothing screams ‘I am a tourist’ like cameras around the neck.

Remember, nobody likes the loud and obnoxious tourist so keep it low key while visiting Italy and do your best to blend in with the locals.

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