Baby shower

What to Wear to a Baby Shower

Baby shower

How you dress for a baby shower all depends on the baby shower itself. While some showers will be held in a more formal setting and other a more laid back and casual setting, showing up either under dressed or overdressed can be embarrassing. So how do you decide how you should dress to attend a baby shower?

Here are two specific tips that will help you decide what you should wear to the next baby shower that you attend:

•    Read between the lines: Look at the invitation you received for the shower. How nice is it? If it is inviting you for an evening of cocktails and finger foods then it is obviously a more formal setting and semi-formal attire will more than likely be required. If however the invitation is for a backyard picnic followed by cake and punch then it is more than likely a more casual setting.
•    Ask a friend: The nice thing about baby showers is that there are more times than not going to be one or more of your friends that will be in attendance. A great way to decide what you want to wear is to call your friends and see what they are going to be wearing. If you can come to a consensus then you will be in the clear and will not have to worry about whether or not you will be over or under dressed.

Once you figure out how you are going to dress here is how you can pull it off:

•    Formal: When going with the formal look you will want to wear a really nice dress. If the shower takes place after work then keep in mind that many people attending will be coming in their work clothes so you will want to dress in a business formal way. Try to wear bright and cheerful colors as a baby shower is a celebration of a new life to come and should be met with happy and cheerful colors.
•    Casual: If the baby shower you will be attending is going to be a casual one then really you can wear what is most comfortable to you. If it is a close knit group of your friends then you will more than likely be fine in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. You can always go with a more casual sun dress if you want to dress down but not too down.

If all else fails you could call the expecting mother and ask her how she wants everyone to dress at the shower. But a word of caution here, many times a baby shower is a surprise so you have to be sure that it is not a surprise party before you call the mother to be and ruin the whole thing.

Once you are dressed and ready to go to the shower, go pick up a gift such as a baby  t-shirt or onesie or even create your own custom t-shirt and enjoy your day at the baby shower that is sure to be filled with friends, fun, and games.

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