Night club

What to Wear to a Night Club

Night club

Going to a night club should be a fun time for anyone. You don’t want to get there and then regret your choice of clothing. In order to arrive wearing an outfit that can make your evening more fun, plan in advance exactly what you will wear.

Night Club Clothes for Women

Most women like to wear something formfitting to a night club that will show off their figures. A shirt that is tight is usually expected in a night club. A short skirt is also a perfect item to wear. Some women prefer to wear short dresses that come just above the knee. These are great for dancing and will swirl around you as you dance. For a more casual look, some women choose jeans and a V-neck shirt that fits tightly.

The shoes to wear to a night club can be a tricky choice. Many women want to wear high heels and will show off their legs and to make themselves look taller. High heels usually attract more attention than any other type of shoe, making them perfect for a night club. However, if you expect to do some dancing, high heels can certainly get in your way. Wearing flats or shoes with very short heels can make it much easier to dance if that is your aim at the night club. If you are wearing jeans, you might opt for tennis shoes in order to stay dancing all night.

Wear colors and fabrics that get a little attention. Satin or silk are nice choices for your shirt, skirt or dress. If you expect to sweat a lot, you might opt for cotton instead which will breathe better and absorb the sweat. If you have clothing with some sparkle to it, this will work perfectly. Anything sparkly will look great under the night club lights. You can also achieve this effect with some sparkly jewelry or rhinestone clips worn in your hair.

Night Club Clothes for Men

For men, it may be tempting to wear their street clothes without planning a night club outfit. However, planning the outfit in advance can make the experience more enjoyable. Make sure your shirt is not too loose. Like women, a tight-fitting shirt is the perfect choice for men at a night club. You can wear a t-shirt or a button-up shirt that fits tightly and pair it with a pair of khaki pants or dark jeans. Your pants should be straight leg or boot cut. Men should avoid tapered leg jeans at a night club. You want to show off your shape with your shirt rather than with your jeans. If the pants are slightly baggy, they are perfect for a night club.

Wear shoes that you can dance in, but that are in very good condition. A guy with beat up tennis shoes will not get the same attention from women than a man in a smart-looking pair of polished shoes will. Consider dark-colored shoes that will coordinate with your dark pants and your shirt.

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