Strapless dress

What to Wear Under Strapless Dresses

Strapless dress

Strapless dresses are common for cocktail parties, weddings, proms and other special events. They are also popular with many young girls on the club scene. The strapless dress is undeniably sexy and stylish. Without showing too much, it creates a provocative look that is also elegant. However what to wear under strapless dresses is often the problem for many women.

Your choice of what to wear beneath a strapless dress will depend on many different things. The first thing is your breast size. If you are flat and the dress needs assistance in staying up, you will need to get some double-sided tape to provide the help you need. A padded strapless bra will also provide a little extra fullness to create an enhanced silhouette for your dress. If you are top heavy and have no problem keeping your dress up, you may need some help keeping your breasts themselves up for the most flattering look possible. A strapless bra with underwire will provide support and shape.

Your choice of strapless bra will depend on how much support you actually need, what type of bra you are comfortable wearing and how low cut the back of your dress is. A regular bra without straps will attach mid-back like other bras. What helps it to stay up is usually rubber or silicone lining on the inside of the bra itself which tends to adhere to the skin to avoid slippage. This type of bra is best for those who need less support or extra padding and those whose dresses are not low-cut in the back.

A corset style strapless bra is the perfect choice for a dress which is practically backless. The bra attaches at the lower back and covers waist to breast in the front. Flexible ribbing running vertically from the waist to cup provides stability and excellent support. This type of bra is versatile enough for a wide variety of garments and is surprisingly comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

For the individual who needs a little support but the dress doesn’t provide camouflaging for a bra, there is still another option. Adhesive bras stick directly to your skin and provide support and shape. Another option for those needing enhancement is a similar idea. Push-up cups adhere to the dress to give extra fullness just where you need it.

If you are wearing a strapless dress and are worried about bumps and bulges showing beneath it, there are several great options to help take care of them. Body slimmers in strapless models make the perfect undergarment to ensure you look your best when you get dressed. While a silhouette type of slimmer is the best for a strapless dress, shorts styled slimmers like Spanx are also quite effective.

Strapless dresses are elegant and versatile. They are youthful and fun and usually quite lovely. Having the right garments under your strapless dress, you will be comfortable and confident that you look your absolute best and nothing is showing that you don’t want to show.

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