What Type Of T-Shirt Seam Is The Fanciest?

There are many things that can determine how fancy a T-shirt is perceived as being. The cut of the shirt, the fabric used in making it, the color of the shirt, the style and the design are all very important. These components help to make a T-shirt seem fancier or plainer than others. However, there is also the use of seams in adding to the fanciness of a tee.

Some of the more fancy seams to be featured on a T-shirt include the following.

•    Shirring: In this type of seam, extra fullness is added. It lends a nice touch of femininity to a T-shirt. It is usually found around the neckline or where the shoulders meet the sleeves. Such T-shirts are very distinctive and are definitely for dressing up. Casual tees do not get made using shirring.
•    Bound Seams: A thin, folded layer of fabric is sewn over the edge of the T-shirt seam. It stops any potential unraveling and makes for a very neat, attractive and fancy T-shirt seam. It is typically used at the neckline and at hems, not for side seams or shoulder seams.
•    Flat seams are also the somewhat fancy. The two edges of the material are placed side by side and a cover stitch is used to sew them together. This makes for a very neat, flat seam that can also be seen as fancy.
•    Superimposed seams are typically used to create side and shoulder seams on a T-shirt. They are created in the traditional way of creating seams, two pieces of fabric back to back, sewn together. Not a very fancy seam, but definitely a useful and practical one.
•    Lapped seams also exist in T-shirt making, but like superimposed seams, there is little that is fancy or out of the ordinary about these seams that are created by two or more overlapped pieces of material.

Choosing a T-shirt seam that is the fanciest is rather difficult as everyone has different tastes. Bound seams and shirring are the fanciest seams as defined by most people, however others may prefer the others and find their simplicity more inviting and fancy.

If you are looking for a fancy T-shirt, the best place to start is with custom-made T-shirts. You get to choose the perfect T-shirt for you quickly and easily. In fact the hardest thing to decide on will be how to personalize your tees, because there are simply endless possibilities. When choosing your custom-made tee, you will get to choose the quality, color, weight and the style, including the seams.

In order to customize a fancy shirt, you can opt to have nothing at all printed on it. You could also put something small and tasteful, like a word or two or a small image. You can also have a little fun with the whole idea and have a tee printed with the line “These are my fancy clothes.” Get your custom-made T-shirt today with fancy seams.

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