Whiteboard T-Shirt

Whiteboard T-Shirt – Wear Illuminated Text or Drawings

Add dynamic art or messages on your t-shirt with the new T-sketch. With the new T-Sketch whatever you write or draw on your shirt will become illuminated. Basically you write on the wipe-clean panel and then you can set your preference of how the text or image will glow. You can choose from a gentle glow or a pulsing strobe. No need to buy different slogan t-shirts when you can just buy this one t-shirt and change your message each day. Or if you dare, you can have your friends add their own graphic or text. Whether you wear it around town, out for a night on the town it is sure to turn heads.

The 100% cotton t-shirt requires 2 xAAA batteries to power the LEDs in an attached battery pack. The shirt isn’t cheap, it currently costs $60. The shirt is made by Elektro who also makes the Wifi t-shirt, T-Qualizer, and the T-Clock.

Whiteboard T-Shirt

Whiteboard T-Shirt 2

The shirt is will be sold at Gadgets.co.uk sometime in April. Check out more reviews of the T-Sketch at GeekAlerts and the Thumbsupuk.com

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