Go Team! Cheering with Custom T-Shirts

Being part of a team is a great way to meet people. It is also great for children and teenagers as it gives them socialization as well as an outlet for releasing energy. Getting a group to think like a team is the hard part. One example is sports teams. In competitive sports it’s easy to get caught up in the competition and forget about team members. If you are a coach, getting your team to think like a team is a challenge.

One fantastic way to get your team to act like a team is custom t-shirts. Having matching team shirts brings camaraderie among teammates. Wearing the team’s custom t-shirt is a sign of commitment and loyalty to the team. It also gives individual members a feeling of acceptance as part of a team. This is important as some members may not receive such acceptance elsewhere in their life. Creating your team custom t-shirt is easy and can be a team effort.

Creating a custom team shirt is fun, as there are many options and styles available. There are shirts for all sports, some hobbies, and even more unique teams. Football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, hockey, ultimate Frisbee, and golf all have fantastic shirt options. The shirt can simply have the team name. Or for more elaborate shirts, add a graphic such as sports player, a ball, hockey stick, or racket. For a fun shirt, make it a silly graphic like a racket smashed over someone’s head, a football stuck in a helmet, or a golf ball in an alligator’s mouth.

There are also teams that have nothing to do with sports. There are custom t-shirts for those types of teams as well. For Scrabble players, try Scrabble tiles with the team name. Checker players can be witty with “king me”. There are so many teams that it’s hard to name all of them in one article, but there is a custom t-shirt for everyone. If you can’t find a sample, just create your own.

Create your team’s custom t-shirt by looking at what your team loves. If you are a fun loving group, have your team shirt reflect that. You wouldn’t want something too serious, if your team prefers silly. Or the opposite is true it wouldn’t make since to be silly if your team is all about being serious. If there is an artist on your team, have the artist create the artwork for your team’s shirt. Or ask for input on what each team member would like to see. By doing so, your team shirt will mean more to the players. You may also find that with every players input, you will create the most unique and fun shirt you have ever seen. It is fun to have matching team shirts. It’s not always feasible to wear the team uniforms, if you have them. However, it is easy to wear a custom t-shirt with your team name, logo, or attitude on it. Creating your team’s shirt is a great activity and may strengthen your team bond.

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