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All-Star Tees for All the Stars on Your Team!

Anyone who participates on a team – whether it’s athletic or academic – works hard to do his or her best. Whether it’s Little League or Pop Warner, or organized school teams, kids everywhere dream of being the best. And some are.

Many sports and academic organizations have All-star games or even leagues. Participation is by invitation only, and often players have to try out to earn a spot on the elite team. Extra practices are usually required, as well as more extensive traveling, sometimes overnight. Exhibition games may be played, and for older teams, working with and/or mentoring younger players may also be included. With great power comes great responsibility, as Spiderman says, and these talented players are not only expected to play well, but to be good examples to others both as athletes and as human beings. They receive not only the rewards of playing with others who as talented (or more so) than they are, but they usually get lots of perks, as well. Trophies, recognition, gifts, even trips to exotic locales to play the final games (think Little League and the NFL All-Star game in Hawaii, here) are all examples of these perks.

Another perk that these elite can receive is a t-shirt proclaiming their superiority. They should be proud of their accomplishments, and wearing an all-star tee can help them share their athletic prowess with the rest of the world. Kids especially should be proud when they are the best; it builds their self-esteem and helps them stay confident in themselves. Being the best reflects the hard work they’ve done, and they deserve to show off a little. Why not with an all-star tee?

Not all All-stars are athletes, however. Some are so new to life that their horizons are wide open. I’m talking babies, here, folks! What new dad or mom hasn’t gazed lovingly down at that cute little face and imagined him or her as a future supertalent? A cute little onesie or baby tee with “Future All-Star” on it is just the thing for this new little person. Since a baby’s life is a blank canvas, he or she can grow up to be anything. A tee for baby like this shows the world that mom and dad are ready for anything, and that they believe in their child’s possibilities. Grandparents can get in on the fun, with tees that show a baby golfing, fishing, running, playing football, etc…with the words “Grandpa’s (or Grandma’s) Little All-Star”.  Parents, grandparents, and other family members truly need know no limits here!

All-Star teams aren’t limited to athletics, however. Academia also has its share of All-Star teams. Chess clubs, debate clubs, and even Scrabble players have All-Star team events. While not relying on the power of their bodies, they rely on their more important muscle – their mind – to showcase their abilities. Sending off the debate team All-Stars to a regional or even state or national competition with All-Star team tees will give them an extra edge – they’ll be mentally prepared of course, but having team t-shirts can unite them even more.

No matter the type of All-Star – athletic, future, or academic, the All-Star in your life needs an All-Star tee!

BMX Riders do Tricks for BMX Style T-Shirts

BMX stands for bicycle motocross and consists of races which take place on a dirt track. The dirt track typically has a number of hills, bumps and dips enabling the racers to launch into the air while traveling at high speeds. It also typically has a number of turns which really makes the race interesting. In addition to track races there are also BMX freestyle events where participants perform tricks and are awarded points for categories such as style, difficulty and originality. However, more than just being a sport BMX is also a lifestyle. It is this lifestyle element which draws many of the fans of the sport to create custom BMX t-shirts to show their support for their favorite riders.

A popular option for custom BMX t-shirts is to create a t-shirt which offers your favorite racer encouragement. Whether you are going to see a friend or a family member compete, he is likely to be encouraged when he sees a large group in the audience wearing matching t-shirts designed just for him. Custom t-shirts with a catchy phrase encouraging the rider to go fast, beat the competitors or even just be safe is likely to be appreciated by your favorite BMX rider.

What better way to show your support for your favorite BMX rider than to have his picture emblazoned across your t-shirt. Creating custom BMX t-shirts with this type of picture is very easy. The picture can be screen printed or embroidered onto the t-shirt. You also have a number of different options for the type of picture you select. You may choose a close up of the BMX rider’s face, a full length shot of the BMX rider or even a picture of the BMX rider on his bike. Regardless of the picture you select, as long as it is easily identifiable, the BMX rider you are supporting will surely appreciate the gesture.

Custom BMX t-shirts which feature a personal message for a particular BMX rider are also very popular. This may include an inside joke or a question for a particular BMX rider. Whether you are creating a custom BMX t-shirt for yourself or for a large group, this type of message t-shirt can be very effective for getting the BMX rider’s attention. If he is a friend or family member, he will surely appreciate the gesture. However, if you are simply a fan of the BMX rider, your custom BMX t-shirt may attract the rider’s attention and compel him to seek you out after the race.

BMX fans that are supporting a freestyle BMX rider have other options available to them. They may wish to have custom BMX t-shirts created with the name of a particular move on the t-shirt. The move may be one which is a trademark of the BMX rider or it may be a move which he is attempting for the first time. This type of custom BMX t-shirt not only shows your support for a particular BMX rider but can also offer him a great deal of moral support. This is especially true if the BMX rider is attempting a new trick for the first time in competition.

Bring Badminton Lovers Together with a T-Shirt

Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world. It requires more strength, agility, and quick reflexes than many sports. Those that play or watch this great sport know the challenges it offers.

Why not celebrate your love of this terrific sport. If you are a badminton coach consider creating custom team t-shirts, they are a great way to show your pride. The t-shirts can be designed specifically for your team so they will be unique to your group. For smaller groups, the shirts can be personalized with the name of each player on the back just like a jersey. Names can also be put onto the front of the t-shirt with the back used for the name, logo, and slogan of your team.

If you need a fundraiser, sell your team t-shirts. Badminton parents would be willing to buy a shirt that they can wear to each game. The wearer will get to show pride and support for your organization without having to think of a unique idea. Shirts can be sold not just to parents, but to the local community as well to gain even more exposure for your team and raise a larger amount of funds.

As a parent of a badminton player, you have the option of creating a custom t-shirt to wear to all of your child’s games, practices, or just around town. The shirt can be an excellent way to show support for your player. Having your child’s name and even picture if you are daring, since many teens would find it humiliating, can be fun to wear. The shirt can also include things such as the team’s name, game locations and times, or even statistics if you have any. After each game, you can then add the score next to it so people can see the outcome of each game.

Maybe you don’t actually play the sport or know anyone personally that does. You can still create a shirt showing your love of the game. Just a simple shirt with “I love Badminton” may be enough for you. If you desire a more advanced design, there are plenty of ideas for those as well.

Badminton shirts are fun to create. If the team you cheer on has a color, use that color on your shirt. Your shirt can be a simple white with the text and graphic in color, or the shirt can be the team color with the graphic and text in white, black, or contrasting color for added appeal. With a graphic added and some color, your custom shirt will stand out in the crowd.

Whether your shirt is supporting one particular player, team, or the sport in general your shirt will show your pride and love of the sport. Go have some fun designing your custom badminton t-shirt. The best part of designing your own is how unique it will be. So have fun with it. Wear your pride for all to see and enjoy those games.

Curling T-shirts – Share the Love of this unique sport

Not everyone out there can appreciate such a sophisticated sport as curling. It takes concentration, determination, balance, and patience. Not minding the cold helps out, too. Curling isn’t a sport that gets much media in the south; not many folks in the southern parts of the US have even heard of it, much less follow the progress of its players and teams.

There are lots of you, though, who do. That’s where curling t-shirts come in. Maybe your children play on a curling team at high school. They’re actually pretty good, and are heading to the regional championships. The best way to show your support for the curling team is to wear a custom-designed tee. While it may be too cold to wear out on the ice, it definitely has a place at pre-game pep rallies and after-match celebrations.

Show team unity by getting matching tees for everyone on the team, including coaches, team parents and regular supporters or fans. Appearing, en masse, dressed in matching t-shirts, will sure to communicate unity and a winning attitude to the opposing teams.

When it’s time for training camp, ordering some matching tees will help new players feel more a part of the team they are working with. More experienced team members can gain benefit, too, they’ve got a tee just like the newbies, and they’re all in it together! If possible, having a different shirt for each day of camp will go a long way towards fostering team spirit and unity.

In addition, the shirts can be reused for public appearances when full curling uniforms aren’t required. (Golf tournaments, city tours in places you are competing, etc…) Try wearing your matching tees for website photos–they’ll give your publicity shots continuity and will draw the eye of the even casual surfer to look more closely at your site. Who knows? You may draw a brand-new curling fan to the ranks.

If curling is really big in your town, city, or even at your university or high school, selling matching tees is a great way to raise funds as needed. Fans want to show off who they love, and won’t hesitate to buy a tee that not only proclaims their passions for curling and the ice but which also shows which teams are the best.

For kids, getting matching tees for the whole family is a great way to show your support. Even if they act like they’re embarrassed, they’ll secretly be thrilled that everyone has turned out to watch them at their next match, and aren’t afraid to show their support by wearing matching, custom-designed tees.

So, whether you are a player, a fan, a family member, or anyone else involved in the sport of curling, a curling tee is right for you. You can wear it to a match, pep rally, after-match party, for publicity shots and just around the house. No matter what your level of involvement, a curling tee is the only thing you should wear.

Hang Gliders Flaunt Their Adventures with Custom T-Shirts

Hang gliding is a unique sport in which participants are strapped into a harness and operate an aircraft, which is not mechanically or electrically powered. These lightweight aircrafts typically consist of a metal frame, fabric wings and a harness for the pilot of the aircraft. These aircraft are powered by the wind and a skilled pilot can navigate wind current to stay in the air for several hours and even perform tricks and increase elevation. However, first time hang gliders will likely only spend a few minutes in the air before coming to a landing which is hopefully uneventful. Understandably a first hang gliding adventure can be a monumental occasion which is why many first time participants mark the occasion with custom hang gliding t-shirts.

Many hang gliders like to design t-shirts that feature the location for their most recent hang gliding adventure. Hang gliders sometimes also create a t-shirt with a simple text message flaunting their accomplishment or may opt for a custom hang gliding t-shirt showing a photo of them in the air. The t-shirts become excellent memento and conversation piece of the occasion after the adventure is completed.

Another option for designing a custom hang gliding t-shirt is to create a t-shirt with an inspirational image or quotation upside down on the t-shirt. This can be an image of a loved one, a scenic location or anything that inspires the individual. An inspirational message may be a name, a quotation, dates or anything else that is meaningful to the hang glider. By placing the image or text upside down it will enable the hang glider to view the image or text while hang gliding. This is significant because it can provide the hang glider with the courage to start the adventure and the will to continue the adventure once they have started.

Go Team! Cheering with Custom T-Shirts

Being part of a team is a great way to meet people. It is also great for children and teenagers as it gives them socialization as well as an outlet for releasing energy. Getting a group to think like a team is the hard part. One example is sports teams. In competitive sports it’s easy to get caught up in the competition and forget about team members. If you are a coach, getting your team to think like a team is a challenge.

One fantastic way to get your team to act like a team is custom t-shirts. Having matching team shirts brings camaraderie among teammates. Wearing the team’s custom t-shirt is a sign of commitment and loyalty to the team. It also gives individual members a feeling of acceptance as part of a team. This is important as some members may not receive such acceptance elsewhere in their life. Creating your team custom t-shirt is easy and can be a team effort.

Creating a custom team shirt is fun, as there are many options and styles available. There are shirts for all sports, some hobbies, and even more unique teams. Football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, volleyball, hockey, ultimate Frisbee, and golf all have fantastic shirt options. The shirt can simply have the team name. Or for more elaborate shirts, add a graphic such as sports player, a ball, hockey stick, or racket. For a fun shirt, make it a silly graphic like a racket smashed over someone’s head, a football stuck in a helmet, or a golf ball in an alligator’s mouth.

There are also teams that have nothing to do with sports. There are custom t-shirts for those types of teams as well. For Scrabble players, try Scrabble tiles with the team name. Checker players can be witty with “king me”. There are so many teams that it’s hard to name all of them in one article, but there is a custom t-shirt for everyone. If you can’t find a sample, just create your own.

Create your team’s custom t-shirt by looking at what your team loves. If you are a fun loving group, have your team shirt reflect that. You wouldn’t want something too serious, if your team prefers silly. Or the opposite is true it wouldn’t make since to be silly if your team is all about being serious. If there is an artist on your team, have the artist create the artwork for your team’s shirt. Or ask for input on what each team member would like to see. By doing so, your team shirt will mean more to the players. You may also find that with every players input, you will create the most unique and fun shirt you have ever seen. It is fun to have matching team shirts. It’s not always feasible to wear the team uniforms, if you have them. However, it is easy to wear a custom t-shirt with your team name, logo, or attitude on it. Creating your team’s shirt is a great activity and may strengthen your team bond.

Support Your Family Sports and Hobbies with T-Shirts

Having a family member participating in an activity such as a sport is an exciting time. Supporting our family members is necessary to show them just how much we care about them. Knowing how to support your family member can be confusing. Just attending the event may not seem like enough support for some. Luckily, we have the option of displaying our pride for all to see.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to show our support for our loved ones. Wearing your child’s name proudly on a shirt will tell everyone in attendance, just who you are cheering for. If the activity is a sporting event, then adding your child’s number to the shirt is a great idea. Creating the custom t-shirt can be a blast.

If you want to include your family member to design the shirt, that is a great idea. The family member can help decide what should be, or shouldn’t be, on the shirt. Some kids may not mind, and may even enjoy, seeing their picture on a shirt. For some families, wearing a shirt with the child’s picture may horrify him or her! Embarrassing your child for life may not be the best way to show support.

Adding a picture to your custom t-shirt isn’t the only thing you can do. There are graphic for almost every sport and hobby. The graphic can be pretty much anything. If you have a baseball pitcher on your hands, a picture of a ball with flames behind it might just be the answer. A similar graphic is available for all sports.

For other activities such as drama, there are options as well. The classic theater masks graphic can be used. Or choosing a witty saying such as “drama queen”, or a quite from Alfred Hitchcock, “What is drama but life with the dull parts cut out” might be appropriate. You can also choose a line from the play that might be perfect for your shirt.

With custom t-shirt designs there are more options than you might imagine. The number of font styles available will astound you. Then there is the word graphic. You can manipulate the letters to create different styles. The words can be in a circle, vertical, shaped like a cone either horizontal or vertical. Then there are the graphics. Finding the perfect graphic for your shirt can be a fun experience. With the Internet readily available, the possibilities seem endless.

There are so many activities that family members can be involved with. All it takes is a little research to find the most appropriate saying or graphic for your custom t-shirt. But the time you take to create that shirt will be meaningful. Your family member will know how much you support him or her. Attendees of the event will know just who you support and how much. It’s fun to wear a custom t-shirt showing your support for a family member. It’s also fun to see the pride in the face of those that wear custom t-shirts to support their families. Supporting your family member is a great way to build the bonds in your family. Wearing a custom t-shirt is a great way to show that support.

Custom T-Shirts for Dance Squads – Memories You Can Wear

There’s nothing that can rival the feeling of closeness and unity that comes with being part of a team. Athletes in particular know the incredible feeling that teamwork and togetherness can provide for all members involved. The feeling intensifies during times competition and success. Achievement as a team is a memory that can never fade because the accomplishment doesn’t just belong to one individual–it belongs to the group.

Dancers are among the most athletic individuals on the earth. They are performers as well as athletes and this lends to their imperative skill and training. Dance squads are fascinating to watch and be a part of. The memories that are made on this type of team are precious and can be preserved in many ways. One way to make sure that the entire team has a fun way to remember their time together is to display them on t-shirts. It’s an inexpensive investment that will be sure to cater to what the team wants. The custom t-shirt can be designed and centered on whatever graphic or image you choose, be it a photo of the team members or a personally drawn picture or symbol.

Custom t-shirts are becoming one of the coolest, most fashionable ways to make team memories. Dance squads especially can benefit from the designs and photo opportunities available. There are hundreds of options that can ensure your t-shirt design is completely unique. A team experience is perfectly commemorated by having a custom t-shirt company print up your chosen design on shirts for the entire team.

Costs–Custom t-shirts designs have become such a popular industry that there are more than enough prices and qualities to choose from. Most business is handled over the internet and orders are easily placed and specifically made online. In some cases, custom t-shirt companies will assure their buyers that shipping is free. The custom t-shirt is perfect for team situations because there is usually a minimum amount of t-shirts that must be purchased.

Styles–The t-shirts you choose from don’t even have to be t-shirts, in the traditional sense of the term. In fact, there are many different styles to choose from, including girl’s styles, sweats, athletics, and outerwear. Name brand goods are available in a variety of styles.

Design–The t-shirts you create should be for the express satisfaction of the wearers. In other words, custom t-shirts companies are in business to make you happy. There are hundreds of images to choose from, graphics that can be selected and then altered, or even an opportunity to create your personalized design or image and have it printed on the order of t-shirts.

Team uniforms are an intricate part of group identity. Especially in dance squads, where presentation and appearance are often so important, the uniform plays a vital role. In many ways, the custom t-shirt is an extension of the uniform. The custom t-shirt is a perfect way to capture and relive the memory of time spent together. For a dance squad, specially designed t-shirts can be an awesome way to commemorate a team and help it live on forever.