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Hang Gliders Flaunt Their Adventures with Custom T-Shirts

Hang gliding is a unique sport in which participants are strapped into a harness and operate an aircraft, which is not mechanically or electrically powered. These lightweight aircrafts typically consist of a metal frame, fabric wings and a harness for the pilot of the aircraft. These aircraft are powered by the wind and a skilled pilot can navigate wind current to stay in the air for several hours and even perform tricks and increase elevation. However, first time hang gliders will likely only spend a few minutes in the air before coming to a landing which is hopefully uneventful. Understandably a first hang gliding adventure can be a monumental occasion which is why many first time participants mark the occasion with custom hang gliding t-shirts.

Many hang gliders like to design t-shirts that feature the location for their most recent hang gliding adventure. Hang gliders sometimes also create a t-shirt with a simple text message flaunting their accomplishment or may opt for a custom hang gliding t-shirt showing a photo of them in the air. The t-shirts become excellent memento and conversation piece of the occasion after the adventure is completed.

Another option for designing a custom hang gliding t-shirt is to create a t-shirt with an inspirational image or quotation upside down on the t-shirt. This can be an image of a loved one, a scenic location or anything that inspires the individual. An inspirational message may be a name, a quotation, dates or anything else that is meaningful to the hang glider. By placing the image or text upside down it will enable the hang glider to view the image or text while hang gliding. This is significant because it can provide the hang glider with the courage to start the adventure and the will to continue the adventure once they have started.