How Many Times Can You Wear A T-Shirt Before Washing It.

Everyone tends to have their own schedule of wearing clothes for a certain period of time before washing them. Some items can easily be worn more than once, depending on the type of clothes, where you wear it and what you do while wearing it. In the case of a T-shirt, typically they are washed after each use. However, in reality there are several variables, which can affect this. So in order to determine whether or not you can wear a T-shirt again before washing it, weigh the following factors.

•    If the T-shirt was worn next to the skin, you may not be able to wear it a second time before washing it. If you layer your T-shirts, the one on the outside will not be exposed to the oils and perspiration of the skin and will remain clean enough to be able to be worn more than once before needing to be washed, providing you don’t get it dirty in other ways.

•    How long the T-shirt was worn also determines whether or not you can wear it multiple times before washing it. If you put on a T-shirt and wore it for just a few hours, you may be able to wear it another time or two for a similar time period before needing to wash it.

•    What you were doing while wearing the shirt will help you decide if you need to wash it after one wearing. If you wear a T-shirt while sitting around watching TV or doing computer work in a climate controlled room, you should be able to get a second wearing out of it. However, if you wear it to the gym, outside, while doing exercise, while cooking, in an environment that has a strong odor or while doing dirty work, you will not want to wear it again until you have washed it.

•    The fit of a T-shirt helps to determine the frequency of washes. If your T-shirt is form fitting, it is more likely to pick up oils and odors from your skin and will need to be washed more often. If your T-shirt is loose fitting and barely skims your torso, it may be one that you can wear twice before needing a wash, depending on the other factors above also.

If you have a favorite T-shirt or one that you need to wear repeatedly for some reason, you can save yourself from having to do laundry everyday by following a few simple tips to make sure you get the most use of your tee between washes. Wear it only when you need to and for as short a time as possible. Put another solid colored T-shirt under your favorite one. Restrict the activities you do and the places you go while wearing it. You can also buy a duplicate T-shirt to make sure one is available when you need it.

Get a custom-made T-shirt printed to duplicate your often-worn T-shirt. Custom printed T-shirts can replicate practically any T-shirt, so you have exactly what you want on your shirt and have the quality, cut and style of T-shirt that you want too.

5 thoughts on “How Many Times Can You Wear A T-Shirt Before Washing It.

  1. Jim

    I prefer to wash my shirts after each wear regardless. I know this wears it out faster, but I like keeping a good stock of rags too!

  2. Mika

    I like wearing a favorite loose tee that is too big as a pj top. You can usually wear those 3-4 times.

  3. 82728

    In the military, we usually wash everything once a week.In long operaions, BDU for 1 month, Underwear twice a month, socks once a week,

  4. Rayban

    I have the same tendency to wash something immediately after wearing it, just out of habit. This definitely leads to more laundry than is necessary!

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