How To Make White T-Shirts Whiter

It seems that white T-shirts are always the ones that get stained, dirty and discolored the quickest and easiest. Inevitably, our favorite ones are always amongst those that don’t look their best. However, you can relax by knowing that there are multiple things that you can do to make your white T-shirts even whiter.

•    Use bleach in your wash cycle with detergent if the T-shirts washing instructions do not warn against chlorine bleach. You may also soak the T-shirt in a mixture of bleach and water for a short period of time before washing it. Be sure to check instructions and do not leave the T-shirt soaking for too long in bleach or you will have a shirt with holes in it.
•    If your T-shirt’s instructions indicate no chlorine bleach, you can opt for color-safe bleach. Pre-treat stains by applying it undiluted to the spot and then soak the T-shirt overnight in a mixture of water and the same color-safe bleach. Wash as usual.
•    Adding bluing to the rinse cycles of your wash will also help to add some of the whiteness back to your favorite white T-shirt. Be careful to dilute it in water first to avoid blue stains on your tee.
•    Hang your favorite white T-shirt outside to dry it. The sun has a natural bleaching effect. Even in winter, white T-shirts will whiten up outside.
•    Vinegar also works as a bleaching agent for clothes. Add it to your wash cycle or soak your clothes in it. It is also very effective in getting rid of odors in T-shirts. Just be sure to not mix vinegar with bleach.
•    Baking soda added to your laundry will also help to whiten your T-shirts. A half-cup with your regular detergent will boost the detergent’s whitening power.
•    A half-cup of hydrogen peroxide added to your washing machine, along with your laundry detergent will also effectively whiten your tees.

Sometimes no matter what you do, your T-shirts will remain looking less than pristine. If you have neglected them for too long, they are too old or have been stained by certain things, there is no going back. If this is the case, you may want to simply replace the T-shirts in question and start off taking better care of the new ones. If you have a T-shirt that is unique, full of memories or a favorite for some other reason, you can get it recreated perfectly by opting for a custom-made T-shirt.

When investing in new white T-shirts, ordering custom-made ones ensures that they say exactly what you want them to. You get to choose the style, fit and quality of the T-shirts too , which means they will inevitably be amongst the more favored shirts in your wardrobe, earning them more attention and care. Keep your new white T-shirts clean and super white by using the above tips regularly and they will stay looking their best much longer.

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