Fitting t-shirt

How To Determine A Properly Fitting T-Shirt

Fitting t-shirt

There is no greater treasure than a properly fitting T-shirt that you are completely comfortable in and know that you look your absolute best wearing. Finding that T-shirt however is not always the easiest thing to do. It often takes a lot of time and hits and misses with T-shirt shopping before you happen upon the absolute perfectly fitted one for you.

When you are trying to figure out whether a T-shirt fits you properly or not, here are some things to check.

•    If the T-shirt rises up and shows your back or stomach when you life your arms, then it is too short. Unless you are in the market for a crop T-shirt, you should be able to raise your arms without those around you getting a glimpse of skin.
•    The shoulder seams (those that attach sleeves to a T-shirt) should sit exactly at the edge of your shoulder. If they are on your shoulder, the shirt is too small. If they are on your arm, it is too big.
•    If the T-shirt moves loosely about, flowing as you move or you can lift the shoulders and easily reposition it, it is not properly fitting.
•    If a T-shirt is so tight that you are left with indentations in your skin from the seams after wearing it, it is definitely ill fitting.
•    If the sleeves of the T-shirt are too tight on your arms, it is not a good fit.
•    If your T-shirt does not comfortably cover your hips and it is long enough to do so but is too tight, you should try a different style tee.
•    If you are feel that your T-shirt is too small, it probably is.
•    If you question whether your T-shirt is too big, it probably is.
•    Sleeves on a regular T-shirt should hit about the mid part of your upper arm.
•    The hem of a T-shirt should arrive around mid-buttocks.

The ideal fit for a T-shirt is one that is neither too tight nor too loose on any parts of your body. It should also skim your shape, not showing every detail, but not hanging so loosely that one wonders if you have a figure or not. Men can indeed wear T-shirts that are looser and they don’t look quite as bad. Women, of course, depending on their body type can wear more form fitting tees to show it off. That is if they are comfortable in T-shirts that fit that way.

T-shirts are all about comfort. Finding a properly fitting T-shirt means you are even more comfortable. The ideal way to find the best tees ever for you is by having them custom-made. You can choose the quality you desire, the weight of the fabric, the size, style and color. Then you get to personalize your new T-shirts by having anything you like printed on them. You can go with a design-based T-shirt like the popular “I heart something” or “Eat, Sleep, Whatever” shirts. You can also use a T-shirt to make a statement, show off or make a joke. Practically anything can be printed on a custom tee.

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