Rolling Your T-Shirt Is a Great Way to Go

Of all the different methods of preparing your t-shirts for storage or packing, you might find that rolling them is the best. Folding t-shirts can have its disadvantages, especially the tendency to create creases in the t-shirt. Also, folding t-shirts is not the most practical method when you need to pack them in a suitcase.

But there are many good reasons why rolling t-shirts is such a good method. First, rolling t-shirts saves space. Also, rolling them can help prevent wrinkles when packing. When stored in a dresser drawer or open shelf in your closet, t-shirts that are rolled look really neat and uniform. Rolling works especially well for t-shirts, because they’re made of a thin, stretchy fabric. This method doesn’t work as well for bulkier items or stiffer fabrics such as jeans or sweatshirts.

The best way to roll a t-shirt is to follow these steps:
1) Lay the t-shirt on a clear surface with the front of the t-shirt down
2) Fold each sleeve towards the center of the t-shirt so that it’s shaped like a rectangle
3) Roll the t-shirt from bottom hem to neckline, making sure to keep it even and tight
4) You now have a neatly rolled t-shirt, which you can keep as is, or secure with a rubber band around the middle in order to ensure that it won’t unroll in your luggage.

It is possible to stack many t-shirts or t-shirts and other items of clothing in one big bundle, and roll them all together. However, the most practical way to roll t-shirts is to roll each t-shirt individually. That way, if you’re on vacation, and you just need to get one t-shirt from your luggage, you only need to unroll that one. Otherwise, you’d have to unroll, restack, and re-roll all the clothing in the bundle. Also, when you roll each t-shirt individually, you can take advantage of little pockets of space in your luggage that might otherwise be wasted. As a result, rolling t-shirts can go long way towards helping you be able to carry a smaller suitcase or fewer pieces of luggage.

However, if you’re preparing for a long trip, and plan on unpacking your suitcase once you get to your destination, it can work well to roll your t-shirts and other clothing in bigger bundles. This method works especially well if you roll a bundle of items that are the same size, such as several t-shirts. When you want to roll t-shirts in a large bundle, with other t-shirts or different garments, one way you can protect them even further from wrinkling is by placing the whole bundle in a large garment bag before rolling.

There are lots of gadgets on the market to help you save space and prevent your clothes from wrinkling in your suitcase. But once you know how to roll your t-shirt, you have a great way to save space and prevent wrinkling that’s easy and completely free.

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