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Advertising Business Grand Openings with T-Shirts

When a new business opens, it’s important to attract as much attention as possible to get new business from the community. If the business sits there month after month without customers, it won’t be long before it fails altogether. To get attention, a big grand opening is called for. It should be an opening that attracts people not only for the business, but for what they get out of coming to the opening. Once they come for a freebie, they’ll stay to see what the store has for sale.

One great freebie is a grand opening t-shirt. Everyone loves free t-shirts. Most people will go out of their way to get a free t-shirt, even going to a business that they would not ordinarily have gone to. This brings in customers that might never have come to the business on their own. And after they’ve been there, they know where to go when they need the items for sale there. That makes free t-shirts a smart business move for any grand opening.

Not only will the business benefit from the new customers that are brought in to receive the t-shirt, but those t-shirts will also serve as long-term advertising. People will wear those shirts for years. And in the case of single men, they’ll wear them for decades. That means that every shirt you give away will be out there, advertising your business name to everyone who sees the shirt. That advertisement will be seen at the movies, at grocery stores, at the gas station and at school. Nowhere will be safe from your advertising. That’s a sure sign that this is one of the very best advertising techniques.

Advertising the free t-shirts is a great way to interest people, but once they’re there, there should be enough t-shirts for everyone. The t-shirts should be available in every size and for men, women and children. Having the t-shirts available and in a size that will fit will allow the customer to trust the business and believe that they will deliver on a promise. It also ensures that everyone who comes will be walking away with a t-shirt that they can actually wear. If they can’t wear it, it isn’t going to be good advertising sitting in a drawer.

To make the grand opening an extra special event, the employees can also have customized t-shirts. These t-shirts can have information about the new business, its hours and what that business can do for its customers. These t-shirts can answer some of the questions that customers have. They can also remind new customers about the store name and some of the best features of the store. These shirts can be used to drive home the messages that you want to convey about the business. That might be discount prices, professional services or a large selection. Whatever the angle, the customers need to hear about it. Having a sign is one thing, but having a numb