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Advertising Business Grand Openings with T-Shirts

When a new business opens, it’s important to attract as much attention as possible to get new business from the community. If the business sits there month after month without customers, it won’t be long before it fails altogether. To get attention, a big grand opening is called for. It should be an opening that attracts people not only for the business, but for what they get out of coming to the opening. Once they come for a freebie, they’ll stay to see what the store has for sale.

One great freebie is a grand opening t-shirt. Everyone loves free t-shirts. Most people will go out of their way to get a free t-shirt, even going to a business that they would not ordinarily have gone to. This brings in customers that might never have come to the business on their own. And after they’ve been there, they know where to go when they need the items for sale there. That makes free t-shirts a smart business move for any grand opening.

Not only will the business benefit from the new customers that are brought in to receive the t-shirt, but those t-shirts will also serve as long-term advertising. People will wear those shirts for years. And in the case of single men, they’ll wear them for decades. That means that every shirt you give away will be out there, advertising your business name to everyone who sees the shirt. That advertisement will be seen at the movies, at grocery stores, at the gas station and at school. Nowhere will be safe from your advertising. That’s a sure sign that this is one of the very best advertising techniques.

Advertising the free t-shirts is a great way to interest people, but once they’re there, there should be enough t-shirts for everyone. The t-shirts should be available in every size and for men, women and children. Having the t-shirts available and in a size that will fit will allow the customer to trust the business and believe that they will deliver on a promise. It also ensures that everyone who comes will be walking away with a t-shirt that they can actually wear. If they can’t wear it, it isn’t going to be good advertising sitting in a drawer.

To make the grand opening an extra special event, the employees can also have customized t-shirts. These t-shirts can have information about the new business, its hours and what that business can do for its customers. These t-shirts can answer some of the questions that customers have. They can also remind new customers about the store name and some of the best features of the store. These shirts can be used to drive home the messages that you want to convey about the business. That might be discount prices, professional services or a large selection. Whatever the angle, the customers need to hear about it. Having a sign is one thing, but having a numb

Show the Love for Your Customers with T-Shirts

When an establishment has been in operation for at least one year, great things begin to happen. The business in question first and foremost typically decides to celebrate. They celebrate the fact that they’ve made it through the first year; they celebrate the fact that the whole thing hasn’t come crashing down around them; and then celebrate the people who have made it all possible – the customers!

If YOU are the owner of a business, be it retail, wholesale, service-oriented or restaurant, you are most likely most grateful to those folks who choose to darken your doors with their presence, and more importantly, with their cash. They are the life’s blood of your endeavor, and without them, you would be completely out of business. Literally.

Now that your first year anniversary has rolled around (or your 10th or 25th), it’s time to celebrate and thank the folks who have helped make it all happen. If you have a week-long celebration complete with giveaways, food and sale prices, why not order some Customer Appreciation tees for your staff to wear? You can include your company’s logo or design, the dates and the number of years you’ve been established. You could even have a “Thank-you” message printed, if you like. Put one of these shirts on every one of your employees’ backs, and they’ll be walking advertisements for how thankful you are for your customer and their continued patronage.

Of course, if you’ve been in business for awhile and things have really been in the black, you may want to include tees as a giveaway to your valued customers. Ordering t-shirts to show your appreciation of your customers will definitely make them feel like they are doing a great thing to help you out and frequent your business.

Any size business can do this; but it is probably more feasible for the larger ones. You may want to be able to offer t-shirts in various sizes, from a child’s small to XXL, and that can get pricey. However, order all larges and you can fit most folks who walk in the door. If the shirt is too big, they can use it as loungewear or even a nightshirt. If it’s too small, they may pass it along to someone else. (Maybe someone else who’s never been to your business; this might just get that newbies to step through your door!)

If you’ve put in a large order for tees, it might be a good idea to advertise them a bit. Depending on how many tees you want to give out, take out an ad in the paper, get on the local radio station, or just hand out fliers with each purchase. How much or how little you advertise is dependent on how many folks you want to come see you and your business. Remember that lots of folks will do just about anything to get a “free” prize or giveaway, and if all they have to do is come down and check out your business, you’ll probably get lots of new customers!

Whether you wear one yourself or give them away to your customers, customer appreciation tees are a great way to show your clients and customers how much their business really means to you.

Marketing Your Business- T-shirt at a Time

Imagine that you have recently opened a new type of hair salon. Your clients are, for the most part, young families. Your shop offers great kid cuts, a fun atmosphere, and all at a great low price. But how do you market it? Well, you could take out some billboard ads, but that’s pretty pricey. TV and radio spots are up there as well. Since you’re just starting out, you’re probably really watching your pennies, and are operating on a shoestring budget.

Lots of small-business owners decorate their cars to advertise their businesses. Some even go to the extent of having their vehicles painted with the business’s logo and a slogan or two, along with a name, phone number, website and e-mail address that potential clients can use to contact them. This is a good idea, but you can’t drive your car into the grocery store or the mall or the movie theatre, so how else can you get your business out there? You could try handing out leaflets, coupons, etc… which you probably will. I don’t know about you, though, I practically run the other way when someone tries to hand me a flyer or comes at me with a clipboard!

Perhaps the best way for you, the small business owner, to market you business is to use T-shirts. The big companies use it too, but they’re also up on billboards, TV and the radio. Since these avenues of advertising are probably beyond your reach at the current time, getting some custom t-shirts printed up is a great idea.

Chances are, your business already has a logo; all that’s required is for you to take the logo in to a custom t-shirt shop (or upload it to one online), pick some t-shirt colors, and get ready to market your business–all right there on your back! Getting a group of shirts printed up is fairly inexpensive; be sure to order a few in each size so that you can hand them out to your employees (if you have any), friends, and family members. They’ll love getting a new tee to wear, and you’ll be getting some free advertising time in the form of your friend’s or family member’s clothing when they go to the beach, the grocery, the library, or the park (or anywhere else they go, for that matter). While you may not be able to convince them to wear your shirt everyday, once or twice a week will spread the word about your business.

Let’s go back to the car idea. As I said, this is a good one, and gets the name of your business out there to be seen. There is one problem, however, and I think it’s a big enough one that it bears mentioning. The majority of people who will be reading your car will also be driving. It’s awfully difficult to write down the information they need in order to get in touch with you if they’re trying to drive! Of course, there’s always the drivers who are eating, chatting, texting, reading, and putting on lipstick, and can not be relied upon to get the information accurately, all while avoiding an accident. Plus, who can remember all that info from a car speeding past?

So, using t-shirts printed with your business’ logo and basic information is a good idea, and one that will help you market your business with little cost and almost no effort.