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How to Avoid Looking like a Tomboy


A tomboy is defined as a girl that dresses and acts like a boy. This is all fine and dandy in your younger years, but when you start to get older you may not want people thinking that you dress like a tomboy.

While having a tomboy for a companion is probably very enjoyable for most men as they can just hang out and be buddy, buddy, there is always the side of a man that wants to see the softer side of a woman. If you are dressed like a tomboy this can be a difficult thing to see. So how do you avoid looking like a tomboy?

Here are some tips on how you can avoid the tomboy label:

•    Spruce up your hair: The typical tomboy will simply throw on a hat or just let her hair kind of lay flat. Even if you have short hair you can use some gel and spruce it up. With today’s hair fashion, it is easy to find a simple way to make your hair fun, exiting, and feminine. Hats are fine, but save them for sporting events.

•    Ditch the jeans: While jeans are fine for certain occasions, in order to avoid the whole tomboy name calling you will have to wear other garments from time to time. Try wearing a nice formal sun dress the next time you go out. They offer much comfort and there is no way that a dress can come off as tomboyish.

•    Makeup: You may not be used to wearing makeup and that’s ok, but a little bit will go a long way in deterring the tag you don’t want. Some simple blush, eyeliner, and lipstick is usually enough to do the trick. If you want to get more in depth, go to a department store and let them show you how to apply makeup, they are always good for some free tips.

•    Scent of a woman: Try wearing perfume that is less masculine smelling and more feminine smelling. Wear perfumes that have a more floral scent as this is closely related to women.

•    Shoes: nothing screams tomboy like a pair of sneakers. This isn’t to say that you have to start wearing heels with everything, but there a number of ultra comfortable and very feminine looking shoes available these days so you can retire your Nikes.

•    Wear girl t-shirts: The only time you should be wearing a guy’s t-shirt is when you snag one of your boyfriend’s for a cozy pj shirt. If you wear t-shirts made for guys, you will look like a guy. Shop in the women’s section and get t-shirts designed for women, there is a difference.

•    Get your nails done: Another easy trick to squashing the tomboy image is to get a manicure done. You don’t have to have long nails already as you can simply go to a nail salon and they can attach false nails on top of your own. It’s hard to look like a boy if you have long luxurious nails that are painted a nice bright color.

Above all else, don’t lose your fun side. Guys like a girl that can hang with them and talk sports, but just because you like to act like one of the guys, doesn’t mean you have to look like one of them.