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New York

What To Wear In New York City

New York

If you are planning to be in New York City for any occasion, prepare to be overwhelmed by the numbers of people everywhere you go, the excitement in the air, the sights, the smells and the pace of life there. It is a very unique, busy and exciting city to visit or live in. Being the fashion center of the United States you will find high fashion almost everywhere. Of course if you visit the garment district of New York you will notice this even more, however in practically every part of the Big Apple you will see true style.

New York City is not the place to fade into the background with a plain, dowdy outfit that has no style. If you are visiting the city, choosing the right thing to wear is critical.  Review the current styles by looking in fashion magazines and online. Put together a hip look using the colors and styles of the season. You will blend in seamlessly in the big city. Be sure to dress for the weather also as New York can be very hot, very cold or somewhere in the middle depending on the season.

The influence of Wall Street and Big Business on fashion in the Big Apple is obvious. If you visit any of the business sectors of New York City or catch sight of the multitude of people going to and from work during rush hours, you will see a sea of business suits, both male and female versions. For many businesses located in the big city, professional business attire is the only option. Some companies do allow business casual but often the definition of this term is more conservative than in many other places. If you are in New York on business it is important to dress in the same style as the people you are dealing with.

New York City nightlife is one of the world’s most exciting nightlife scenes. Exclusive clubs abound and dressing up is essential. In fact, entrance to certain clubs is determined by how you look. Those in the line-up to enter who have the look are often escorted in by others who are well-connected. Without the look, you may never get in. So have a hot outfit ready that shows off your assets for the best nightlife experience ever. Have dressy clothes suitable for dining out also.

You will see an eclectic variety of styles and outfits throughout the city. If you visit the artsy areas of town, you will find vintage clothing and outfits that have been created with uniqueness in mind. In certain areas of town gangster clothing is the predominant style. Near colleges and universities, jeans and T-shirts, the uniform of college students will be most common. In working class parts of the city, fashion is less important and less attainable and therefore you will see looks that are common to small town America.

One of the most important things to remember when you are in New York is good footwear. The city is not conducive to driving and therefore people spend much of their day walking around. If you are a tourist in the city, you will definitely do a lot of walking. Bring along comfortable, supportive shoes. If you really want to wear more stylish ones, bring them along in an oversized fashionable tote and swap shoes when you get to your destination.

Get ready for the excitement of New York City with a careful eye to the clothes you bring.