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What to Wear on Vacation in Cancun


Cancun, Mexico was once a nothing more than a tiny little town that offered nothing out of the ordinary. Now Cancun is world famous and is the place to go when vacationing if you are into a wild nightlife, a balmy climate, water sports galore, and oh yeah the beach. A trip to Cancun can be a once in a lifetime experience that you won’t soon forget, so what should you wear when you vacation in Cancun?

Cancun is the ultimate place for rest and relaxation, but it is also a place to party your tail off. If you are planning a trip to this Mexican paradise, here is what you should wear:

•    Bathing Suit: Cancun is actually an island and is only a mere 16 miles long so if you think you can go there and avoid the beach, think again. That being known you better pack your bathing suits as you will be spending a great deal of time in them. For guys a really cool pair of board shorts will keep you comfortable and have you looking cool and for the ladies, go for it with a sexy bikini that compliments your figure.
•    Shorts and t-shirts: Cancun is hot, hot, hot! Even when you are not on the beach you will want to be wearing as little as possible. This is where a nice pair of cargo shorts and a regular old t-shirt will do the trick. Women can go a little classier than the guys and wear a nice pair of capris that will look great and still keep you cool.
•    Comfy shoes: You are going to be on vacation after all. Again, if you are not at the beach then chances are you will be walking around and visiting one of the many shops and stores that Cancun has to offer. Make sure you pack a cozy pair of sneakers for your trip and don’t leave behind your flip flops because you will need those too.
•    Night wear: For those nights out at the clubs you will want to get just a bit dressier, but not much. A pair of nice jeans and a cool button down shirt will fit the bill for the guys. Feel free to leave that shirt un-tucked and make sure that your shoes are easy to move in when you hit the dance floor. Women can get away with jeans and a sassy t-shirt or can even go for ultra comfort with a cute skirt or dress. Same rule applies for your shoes ladies.
•    Sun block: Probably the most important thing you will put on while in Cancun is your sun block. Bring an SPF that is greater than you would normally use and don’t be shy about re-applying. Failure to always have a good coat of sun block on will have you coming back looking like a lobster and feeling like a walking blister. Of course, you don’t have to wear any sun block at night if you don’t want to.

As important as all those things are to make sure to pack, it is equally as important to leave behind your cares and troubles; you won’t need them in Cancun.


What to Wear on Vacation in the Bahamas


The Bahamas are the place to go if you are looking for great beaches, great nightlife, and a lot of rest and relaxation. A big mistake that many people make when visiting the Bahamas is that they tend to over pack. The Bahamas is a much laid back place to visit and when planning your trip there you should follow one simple rule; less is more.

Here is all that you will need for your trip to the Bahamas:

•    Shorts: The Bahamas are hot so bring a few pairs of shorts. Guys can always look great in cargos and gals can get away with short shorts if they can pull them off. If not, then go with a nice pair of carpris pants that will keep you feeling good and looking good as well.
•    Bathing suits: The number one reason that people visit the Bahamas is the beach. Bring your suit and be ready to get wet. Guys typically look great in a cool pair of board shorts and women can go about as bare as they dare. Be warned though, there are some nude or clothing optional beaches in the Bahamas so be sure you go to the beach you want.
•    Walk around wear: As tempting as it may be to wear your beach wear into the towns and local churches, don’t so it. Some nice casual slacks made of cotton topped off with a nice button down shirt for guys and a fun skirt or dress for the ladies will do the trick every time.
•    Night wear: The Bahamas tend to be cooler at night so make sure you pack a light sweater or jacket. Some resort restaurants will require guys to wear a jacket and tie before entering so check with the place you are staying at beforehand to see if you need to pack these items.
•    Shoes: You’ll definitely need your flip flops and a good pair of walking shoes as well. You’re flip flops will come in handy at the beach and you will want a nice pair of walking shoes for all the window shopping you are bound to do as the Bahamas seem to have an endless array of shops and stores. Don’t forget a nice pair of shoes to wear when you go out at night.
•    Sun block and bug repellent: Bring a good bottle of sun block and bug repellant with you as you will need both. For the sun block go with an SPF that is 30 to 45 as the Bahamas has plenty of sun to offer and anything less could result in a burn. Reapply all the time and don’t be shy on the amount. You will use your bug repellant at night and thank yourself for bringing it as some of the bugs in the Bahamas resemble a B-52 bomber coming after you; well not that bad, but you get the point. If you happen to run out of either, don’t worry, the Bahamas carry most major brands of both products.

Remember, when it comes to the Bahamas, pack to relax and go with no worries or cares.

England 1

What to Wear in England

England 1

As the old saying goes, ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do.’ Well when you are planning on visiting England you should know how to dress so that you don’t stick out like a typical American tourist. It is important to note that many people in England get their sense of style by watching the starts of television and screen. That being said the fashion is one that tends to change on a fairly regular basis.

Here are some tips to help you decide what to wear when you are in England:

•    Loud colors: In England the colors of choice seem to be loud and bright. Many countries overseas like to stick with the darker and drabber colors, but England isn’t one of them. Yellows, purples, blues, and reds seem to be a favorite among many the locals.
•    Wild design: This is especially for the woman. Don’t be afraid to go with a totally wild and outrageous design or pattern. Many people in England sport styles and patterns that may be considered to over the edge here in America, but over there it is just another day in the life of England.
•    Get a good coat: It seems that everyone over in England has a coat on them most of the time. These coats can range from a sports jacket to a nice half-coat, or even a leather jacket, but they are almost always wearing them.
•    Shoe wear: Men tend to gravitate towards the boot look or the low top sneaker look. Their low top sneakers that they like are the same style as the low top Converse that can be found at almost any store right here in America. Women like to wear a lot of closed toed heels that are a variety of wild colors.
•    Scarves: When it is cold out it is very common to see both men and women sporting scarves. These scarves will serve two purposes. The first will be fashion and the second will be function by way of helping to keep the person warm.
•    Accessorize big: Women in England like to accessorize in a big way. They will wear big hanging necklaces and flashy jewelry. They also tend to cut their hair on the shorter and wilder side these days.
•    When in doubt: A great rule of thumb for anyone about to visit England is to pack lightly and bring some extra money. This way you can check into your hotel and then hit the streets and get ideas on how to dress by seeing what the locals are all wearing. Keep in mind that one region may dress a bit differently than the others so if you are planning on visiting more than one area in England than you will not want to spend your entire bankroll on the first day.

The good thing about dressing in England is it seems to be all about fun. The styles and colors over there are wild and vivid and allow for a great deal of leeway when choosing what it is you want to wear.


What To Wear in Boston


Boston is a beautiful historic city that offers much to those who live there and much to those who visit. The harbor is breathtaking year-round. The old buildings are a testimony to days gone by and give a feeling of permanence, unlike many other American cities. The humid continental climate means that Boston enjoys 4 very distinct seasons. It is snowy and cold in winter, warm and humid in the summer and quite comfortable and scenic in both the fall and spring.

Boston is very much “The Walking City”. Traffic is generally heavy and parking is at a premium, therefore it is much more expedient to get around on foot or by bus, water shuttles, trains or the subway system referred to as the T. What this translates to for fashion is the fact that typically people need to truly dress appropriately for the seasons Also, you will more often see sneakers and comfortable walking shoes on the streets of Boston than other more fashionable footwear.

Winter in Boston dictates warm clothes. Drafty old buildings mean that even if you are inside you will want the advantage of a warm sweater and long pants or tights. If you venture outside, a heavy winter coat is a necessity. Waterproof outerwear is also highly recommended especially during snow storms. Remember gloves, hats, earmuffs and scarves, as well as insulated winter boots with a good rubber sole for traction when walking.

Summer in Boston is perfect for shorts and T-shirts, Capri pants, summer dresses or any lightweight ensemble. Expect warm temperatures but be prepared for air conditioning inside with a light sweater. Remember to wear comfortable shoes if walking.

Fall and spring are well-loved seasons in Boston. The temperatures are typically comfortable enough to not need to worry about needing extra layers of clothes. It is also not uncomfortably warm. Both seasons are great for getting outside and enjoying the changing scenes of nature, while in comfortable jeans and a T-shirt or sweater. A light jacket on windy days or a rain coat on rainy days is all you’ll need.

Sports are huge in Boston and the city is home to a variety of professional sports teams. What this means for fashion is that it is fashionable to wear any Boston team clothes for any casual event. In fact when home games are being played, team colors are seen everywhere throughout the city.

Boston is very much a hub for post-secondary education and medicine. Some of the best hospitals in the country are there, as well as top colleges and universities. The abundance of college students living in the Boston area means that fashion in the city is greatly influenced by that demographic. Casual fun looks, jeans and the hot trends of the moment are commonly sported by Boston students. Preppy looks and business casual is also very popular amongst faculty and young professionals in New England’s biggest city.

Heading to Boston? Check the local forecast before you pack your suitcase.

New York

What To Wear In New York City

New York

If you are planning to be in New York City for any occasion, prepare to be overwhelmed by the numbers of people everywhere you go, the excitement in the air, the sights, the smells and the pace of life there. It is a very unique, busy and exciting city to visit or live in. Being the fashion center of the United States you will find high fashion almost everywhere. Of course if you visit the garment district of New York you will notice this even more, however in practically every part of the Big Apple you will see true style.

New York City is not the place to fade into the background with a plain, dowdy outfit that has no style. If you are visiting the city, choosing the right thing to wear is critical.  Review the current styles by looking in fashion magazines and online. Put together a hip look using the colors and styles of the season. You will blend in seamlessly in the big city. Be sure to dress for the weather also as New York can be very hot, very cold or somewhere in the middle depending on the season.

The influence of Wall Street and Big Business on fashion in the Big Apple is obvious. If you visit any of the business sectors of New York City or catch sight of the multitude of people going to and from work during rush hours, you will see a sea of business suits, both male and female versions. For many businesses located in the big city, professional business attire is the only option. Some companies do allow business casual but often the definition of this term is more conservative than in many other places. If you are in New York on business it is important to dress in the same style as the people you are dealing with.

New York City nightlife is one of the world’s most exciting nightlife scenes. Exclusive clubs abound and dressing up is essential. In fact, entrance to certain clubs is determined by how you look. Those in the line-up to enter who have the look are often escorted in by others who are well-connected. Without the look, you may never get in. So have a hot outfit ready that shows off your assets for the best nightlife experience ever. Have dressy clothes suitable for dining out also.

You will see an eclectic variety of styles and outfits throughout the city. If you visit the artsy areas of town, you will find vintage clothing and outfits that have been created with uniqueness in mind. In certain areas of town gangster clothing is the predominant style. Near colleges and universities, jeans and T-shirts, the uniform of college students will be most common. In working class parts of the city, fashion is less important and less attainable and therefore you will see looks that are common to small town America.

One of the most important things to remember when you are in New York is good footwear. The city is not conducive to driving and therefore people spend much of their day walking around. If you are a tourist in the city, you will definitely do a lot of walking. Bring along comfortable, supportive shoes. If you really want to wear more stylish ones, bring them along in an oversized fashionable tote and swap shoes when you get to your destination.

Get ready for the excitement of New York City with a careful eye to the clothes you bring.